10 Easy Reading Classroom Transformations Your Class Will Love

reading classroom transformations

In a world where words can convey so many different messages, it is essential to build your students’ reading skills early on. This is where a reading classroom transformation can be perfect for you and your class! A classroom transformation incorporates real-world examples into learning, and it always has a fun theme to it. Whether it be Donut Day or Thanksgiving Day, reading classroom transformations can make a difference in your students’ success in reading.

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Donut Shop Classroom Transformation

First up is the Donut Shop Reading Classroom Transformation. This fun activity can satisfy your kids’ sweet tooth while simultaneously building their reading skills. Students enter your room to discover they have walked into a donut shop and they must solve 10 donut-themed reading challenges over the day. These challenges review the concept of main idea and supporting details.

The great thing about classroom transformations is how much extra content is included in them. Namely, the decorations. There are always posters and banners included in the room transformations that fit the theme. On Donut Shop Day, you are provided with numerous donut shop posters to decorate your room with. It is amazing what a few decorations can do for your room.

Halloween Room Transformation

Trick or treat! During the spooky season, the Halloween Reading Classroom Transformation can be a great multiple standards reading review for your students. Your room transforms into a haunted house for the day as your students solve 10 Halloween-themed reading challenges. It is so easy to decorate for this transformation because you can just bring Halloween decorations from home, and your kids will have a blast.

To get work done, you sometimes need an incentive. Reward your students with candy once they finish the transformation! Or, use the trick or treat bags included to take it to the next level! This simple prize can motivate them to finish their work and also fits the Halloween theme. Kids love sweets, and candy is always a hit reward for hard work.

The Floor is Lava Classroom Transformation

Be careful to watch where you step during this room transformation. The floor has turned to lava! The Floor Is Lava Classroom Transformation is a reading test prep activity for state testing. Students review important reading skills they’ve learned over the year, all the while playing the famous “the floor is lava” game.

You don’t have to wait until the morning to tell your students about the classroom transformation planned. There are admission tickets included for you to hand out to your students the day before the transformation which will allow them to participate in The Floor is Lava Day. This simple ticket can incredibly excite your students to come to school the next day.

St. Patrick’s Day Room Transformation

This St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns will host their extended family reunion right in your classroom. During the St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Transformation, students will review their reading skills by answering questions about 10 leprechaun-themed reading passages. If you want to celebrate the holiday while making sure your students practice their reading skills, this reading classroom transformation is for you.

Need morning work to complete before the transformation or a reward for finishing it? Print out some copies of the Leprechaun Day coloring page. By giving your students a fun task to complete, they stay in their seats and won’t distract others who are working. This activity is included in every transformation but is especially fun for Leprechaun Day!

Candy Shop Classroom Transformation

The Candy Shop Reading Classroom Transformation is the sweetest fiction reading review around. Your students enter a candy shop for the day as they read and answer questions about 10 candy-themed passages. Mixing treats with reading is a great way to get your students invested in literature.

If you have students who typically finish their work early, the Fast Finisher Activity is a perfect solution. When a student finishes all 10 Candy Day challenges, they use a school device to scan the QR codes posted around your room. These QR codes lead to fun facts about candy. Not only do students get extra reading practice through this, but they learn new facts.

Doctor Room Transformation

You need to try out the Surgery Day Reading Classroom Transformation, stat! In this transformation, students become surgeons as they read 10 passages with fiction context clues. Everything in this transformation is doctor-themed, from the challenges to the decorations themselves.

Some of the cute extras in this transformation are the name tags. You can digitally edit these to say your students’ names, print them out, and give them for your kids to wear over the day. With Surgery Day, your students become “Dr. John” and “Dr. Jane.” This excites them to no end.

Under the Sea Classroom Transformation

The ocean visits your classroom during the Under the Sea Reading Classroom Transformation. Students review nonfiction context clues as they read passages about every kind of creature under the sea. I love this transformation for reading because students get so excited over being underwater all day that they are more than happy to complete the challenges.

Do you like to keep everything organized? With the folder inserts included in this transformation, you can keep all your students’ work neat. Stick the “Under the Sea” print-out into the cover of an empty folder and have your student keep all their completed challenges inside. This prevents anyone from losing their work and is a cool item to carry throughout the day. 

Christmas Room Transformation

During the Christmas season, it can be hard for your students to focus on their schoolwork. This is when the Christmas Santa’s Workshop Reading Classroom Transformation can be used. It incorporates all the fun of Christmas while still getting your kids to embark on a reading review.

In this transformation, students become elves working in Santa’s workshop. Elves need the right outfits to complete their work in time for Christmas! Print out the elf hats included in the transformation and give them to your students to customize before the transformation begins. This fun activity is included in every transformation, but you can’t get any cuter than elf hats.

Bowling Alley Classroom Transformation

Hit up the bowling alley during school hours with the Bowling Alley Reading Classroom Transformation. This nonfiction reading review includes 10 bowling-themed reading passages. Students answer questions based on what they read and become closer to hitting a strike. 

Every classroom is different, and you might need a different skill than the one that the room transformation comes with. Because of this, I’ve made all classroom transformations 100% editable. If you ever need to customize anything, you can easily change the passages or questions to match your classroom’s needs.

Pet Hospital Room Transformation

The Veterinarian Classroom Transformation is an adorable way to mix animals and reading together. Students become veterinarians for the day working in a pet hospital as they complete 10 reading challenges about text structures. This transformation never fails to inspire learning in the classroom and is great for reading review days.

You don’t have to physically be in the classroom to have a great room transformation. Each of these transformations has an included digital version if you ever have a class online and want to bring some extra fun. Students will be just as happy to read passages about pets on the computer as they would in the classroom with you.

It can be difficult to find a reading resource that fits your classroom, and a reading classroom transformation is the answer! Whether you try out the Christmas Room Transformation to get a last-minute reading review during the holidays, or a comprehensive fiction context clues practice with Surgery Day, your students are bound to become more confident in reading subjects. I hope you enjoyed this post and learned more about how reading classroom transformations work!

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