How to Get Colleagues to Try a Classroom Transformation

How to Get Colleagues to Try a Classroom Transformation

If you’ve been excited by the incredible results of classroom transformations and want to inspire your fellow teachers, you’re on the right track! Encouraging your colleagues to join in the fun of classroom transformations can be a game-changer for your school. It’s like sharing a secret recipe for making learning exciting and unforgettable.

So, let’s explore some fantastic strategies that will not only motivate but also provide strong support to your teaching comrades as they step into the world of classroom transformations. These 14 strategies are your roadmap to creating a more innovative and engaging learning environment for everyone in your school!

1. Lead by Example:

Implement successful classroom transformations in your own classroom and share your experiences with your colleagues. When they see the positive impact on students, they may be more inclined to give it a try.

2. Offer Training Workshops:

Organize workshops or training sessions to introduce other teachers to the concept of classroom transformations. This can be a great professional development opportunity during the school year! Provide practical guidance, tips, and resources on how to plan and execute transformations effectively.

3. Share Success Stories:

Highlight success stories and case studies from your own classroom or from other educators who have successfully implemented classroom transformations. Use these examples to showcase the benefits.

4. Provide Resources:

Share resources with colleagues that will help them with their first room transformation. Show them where you got your materials, explain what you did during your classroom transformation, share the direct link on Teachers Pay Teachers where you purchased any items so they can grab them themselves, and let them borrow your decor items to make it easier for them the first time they try one.

5. Collaborate on Transformations:

Collaborate with interested colleagues on classroom transformations. Partnering with them can help reduce the initial workload and provide a support system.

6. Offer Peer Support:

Be available to answer questions and offer support as teachers begin to experiment with classroom transformations. Share your insights and solutions to common challenges.

7. Show Flexibility:

Emphasize that classroom transformations don’t have to be time-consuming or elaborate. Encourage teachers to start small and gradually incorporate transformations into their teaching practices.

8. Highlight Student Engagement:

Emphasize how classroom transformations can boost student engagement and motivation. Share anecdotes and feedback from students who have benefited from these experiences.

9. Connect to Learning Objectives:

Stress the importance of aligning classroom transformations with learning objectives and curriculum standards. Show how transformations can enhance, rather than detract from, the curriculum.

10. Organize Observations:

Invite interested teachers to observe your classroom during a transformation. Seeing it in action can provide valuable insights and inspiration. Encouraging classroom transformations is easier when other educators see it in action!

11. Recognize and Celebrate Efforts:

Acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of teachers who try classroom transformations. Recognize their achievements through school-wide or district-wide initiatives or awards.

12. Provide Feedback and Improvement Opportunities:

Encourage teachers to reflect on their classroom transformations and seek feedback from students and colleagues. This feedback loop can lead to continuous improvement.

13. Advocate for Supportive Leadership:

If possible, advocate for supportive school leadership that recognizes and values innovative teaching practices, including classroom transformations. Leadership buy-in can be instrumental in encouraging teachers to try new approaches.

14. Invite Them to the Classroom Transformations Facebook Group!

This Facebook group is the best place for “newbies” to learn all about classroom transformations! You can also direct them to

Remember that not all teachers may be immediately comfortable with classroom transformations, so it’s important to be patient and supportive. Encourage a culture of experimentation and innovation within your school, where teachers feel empowered to try new methods and share their experiences. Over time, as more teachers witness the benefits, classroom transformations may become a more widespread practice in your educational community.

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