How to Help Struggling Students During a Room Transformation

How to Help All Students During a Classroom Transformation

Anonymous asks…”How do I help struggling students finish the assignment on time?” ⁣⁣

This is a great question!⁣

When you’re in the midst of a classroom transformation, it can seem like there’s a whirlwind of activity all around. While it’s an exciting and engaging experience for most students, it can sometimes pose challenges for those who may struggle to keep up with the pace. So, how can you ensure that your struggling students also complete the assignment on time and don’t feel left behind?

Let’s dive into some strategies to make sure every student succeeds during your classroom transformation!

Group Dynamics:

Consider how your students will work during the transformation. Will they work independently, in small groups, or with partners? It can be beneficial to pair struggling students with those who excel or work well together. This way, they can receive support and guidance from their peers, increasing their chances of completing the tasks on time.

Parent Volunteers:

If possible, enlist the help of parent volunteers. They can work with a small group of struggling students, providing individualized assistance and ensuring they stay on track. Parent involvement can be a valuable resource for extra support.

Teacher Support:

If you have students who need extra support, consider sitting at a designated back table where these students can easily access you. They can come to you whenever they need clarification or help, allowing you to monitor their progress and keep them engaged.


Think about when and how you’ll check students’ work. Will they come to you, or will you go to them? Establish consistent checkpoints during the transformation, where students can have their work reviewed. This not only helps them stay on track but also manages their time effectively.

Time Management:

Use timers that are visible to all students. Set intervals at which you’ll remind them how much time is left. This helps struggling students gauge their progress and encourages them to stay focused.

Modified Assignments:

For students who find the standard assignment challenging, consider modifying it. They could complete fewer parts of the overall task or a modified version tailored to their abilities. This ensures that they can participate fully and complete the assignment on time.

By implementing these strategies, you can create an inclusive classroom transformation experience where all students, including those who may struggle, have the opportunity to succeed and complete their assignments on time. Don’t hesitate to adapt and tailor these approaches to your unique classroom dynamics and the needs of your students. Your effort in supporting struggling students will make the classroom transformation a more enriching and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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