8 Yummy Food Classroom Transformation Ideas You’ll Love

food classroom transformations

If you’ve ever tried a room transformation before, you know that there are so many different options you can incorporate into it to make it the best day ever. A food classroom transformation can be easy to complete in your classroom and there are multiple ways to make it relate to academic content. From a donut shop day to camping in the classroom with s’mores, here are 8 ideas for a food classroom transformation for you to try!

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Candy Shop Classroom Transformation

table with different rainbow candies on it

First up is Candy Shop Day! Students find the candy posters around the room and solve the academic challenge under each one. For example, they might find a gummy worm poster in a corner of the room. You as the teacher would place an academic challenge under the poster that they need to solve. Then, each time students solve a challenge, they go get checked by the teacher before moving on to the next candy station.

In the picture shown above, you can see plates of candy with rainbow papers underneath each one. To encourage real-life mathematics, I also have my students guess how much candy is on 1 plate after solving each challenge around the room. Students record their guesses on the rainbow paper under each plate. By the time they finish all 10 challenges around the room, they will have guessed how much candy is on all ten plates. The student with the closest guess gets to take home that candy plate with them!

candy shop classroom transformation with kids holding balloons

If giving out an entire plate of candy seems like too much, here are some other ideas! You can give students a piece of candy at the end of each challenge or one piece of candy at the end of the entire day. You could also give a non-food reward like a candy-shaped balloon from Amazon. Do what’s manageable for you! Students are going to love it no matter what you do because it’s different than a normal day! Classroom transformations are supposed to be flexible so you can make them work to fit your needs. Learn how to implement Candy Shop Day (get ALL the details) in your classroom here.

candy shop posters

Extra posters are also included to set the scene! There are 10+ extra posters included that you can display around your classroom for students to see when they walk into the room. I love to put a few in the hall, some on the door, and a few around the room so students get to see them everywhere they look.

Chef Classroom Transformation

Next up is Chef Day! If you’re looking for a food classroom transformation, this one has got you covered! I like to set up my classroom like a restaurant. Students go to all 10 “food challenge stations” and solve a different academic challenge at each one. When they finish all ten, they earn a candy bar that they get to eat.

But, there’s a catch! Students complete math WITH the candy bar while they eat. In third grade, they practice equivalent fractions as shown in the picture below. In the younger grades, they practice partitioning the candy bar into equal pieces or adding the pieces they can break the candy bar into. It’s so much fun and always a big hit! You can read all the details about Chef Day in this post.

math paper with chocolate bar

An important part of a successful classroom transformation is staying organized. I put these “Chef Cooking Note” papers on top of each student’s folder. Students know that when they finish each challenge, each academic paper goes in this folder so we don’t have tons of papers scattered all over the room. Looking for another option to stay organized? Students could also place academic papers in their mailboxes or cubbies when they complete each one so their desk doesn’t fill up with finished work.

chef folder with papers

Circus Classroom Transformation

circus classroom with poster hanging from ceiling

You may not think of food immediately when you think of Circus Day, but popcorn can be an easy way to incorporate food into a room transformation. It’s cheap, easy to make, and students love it! It’s also great for many allergy concerns. I like to not only reward my students with popcorn at the end of Circus Day but have them work with popcorn during work time!

Students will go to a station like the one pictured below. In this picture, students are solving multiplication equations using the popcorn as manipulatives. The two partner groups are making equal groups of popcorn to solve each multiplication equation and counting the individual pieces to find the answer at the beginning of our multiplication unit. For the younger grades, students may be adding or subtracting popcorn pieces. In older grades, they may be multiplying, dividing, or working with fractions of a set. Read ALL the details about Circus Day in-depth here.

kids working with popcorn

A hat is included in all room transformations as well! This can be a great activity for early finishers or the morning of your Circus Day. When students are first entering the classroom, you can have each student make a hat to wear throughout the day. Or, when students finish early, yet other students are still working, you can have the students who are done make a hat to keep them busy.

circus hat you can make

Coffee Shop Classroom Transformation

classroom set up like a coffee shop with a banner and coffee cups on the desks

Coffee Shop Day is a food classroom transformation I pull out each winter! We have hot chocolate at the end as a reward! Did you know that hot chocolate can be very easy to make in the classroom? Instead of heating up 20 cups of hot chocolate in a microwave, you can make it in a crockpot. First, simply buy a gallon of chocolate milk and bring it in the morning of your room transformation. Then, let it heat up on low heat until you’re ready to serve it later that day. At last, when your students complete all work, give each student a cup of hot chocolate. Super easy! Afterwards, clean-up is simple as well. Get step by step directions on how to do a Coffee Shop Room Transformation in this blog post.

crockpot full of hot chocolate with ladle next to it and cups

Another fun idea I like to include on Coffee Shop Day is a coloring page. Who doesn’t love coloring while you enjoy your hot chocolate after working hard all day? I print these out for students earlier in the the day and hand them out with each cup of hot chocolate. The coloring page keeps students relaxed and prevents students from disrupting others who are still working. In addition, this activity helps encourage students to stay in one place while drinking their hot chocolate so there are no spills on the floor.

coffee shop coloring page

Donut Classroom Transformation

classroom set up like a donut shop with donuts on desk and donut hats

Donut Shop Day is undeniably one of my class’s favorite food classroom transformation ideas every year! It’s easy, simple, and overall very cheap. Students become donut shop owners and complete donut-themed challenges around the room. When they’ve completed all ten challenges, they earn a donut because they worked hard! You can even get free hats from Krispy Kreme if you plan ahead! Learn more about Donut Day right here.

recording sheet with donut hat and two donuts

Another fun extra I give to my students on Donut Day is a name tag. Students wear this during the day and it really helps amp up the “play pretend” aspect of what we’re doing that day. A lot of my students like the name tags so much they put them on their desks to admire for the rest of the week or take them home to show them to their parents.

donut name tags

Grocery Store Classroom Transformation

grocery store in a classroom with posters hanging from ceiling

A food classroom transformation idea you may not have ever considered is grocery shop day! I hang up posters from the ceiling to make my classroom look like the aisles of a grocery store. Then, I lay foods out (academic questions that each have clipart of different foods on them) under each aisle. Students “go grocery shopping” and find all of the foods on their list (their recording sheet).

Once they’ve solved all academic challenges, students get to choose a food eraser from the back table to keep as a small prize. Another option is to give out a healthy food option for students at the end of your Grocery Shopping Day. Maybe include a basket of apples, bananas, and oranges in your room that students can choose from. Read about how easy Grocery Store Day can be to set up here.

food erasers

Additionally, I give each “Grocery Shopper” a certificate of completion at the end of our activity. Most students proudly display their certificates on the side of their desk with a piece of tape and collect certificates from different classroom transformations we do throughout the year. Parents also enjoy seeing these certificates come home because they’re a great topic-starter for what their child did at school that day.

certificate of completion for grocery store day

Ice Cream Classroom Transformation

tv that says welcome to ice cream shop day

Next, let’s chat about Ice Cream Day! What kid doesn’t love ice cream?? I love to do an ice cream classroom transformation before summer or at the end of our multiplication and division unit. But, you could do this room transformation anytime throughout the year! I even bring in blow-up ice cream floats from the store 5 Below to set the scene and pump up students during our work time.

When students finish all of their work, they earn ice cream! Some ideas include an ice cream bar, an ice cream sandwich, or an ice cream cup. These are simple options that are cheap and easy to clean up.

classroom set up like an ice cream shop with ice cream floats blown up and placed around the room

Or, if you want to go all out, you could have an ice cream bar set up at your back table. Give each student an ice cream cup and let them choose what toppings they’d like to add to their sundae.

Looking for a non-food option as a reward? Amazon sells ice cream erasers that smell like special scents! Occasionally, I let students choose between the ice cream cup and the ice cream eraser. A fair amount of students opt for the ice cream erasers because they look incredibly cute and smell so good. There are many options out there to make this work for your classroom. Get all of the information on Ice Cream Day here.

ice cream activities for the ipad, paper, and QR codes

Do you worry about what early finishers will do? I’ve got you covered. Each room transformation comes with a “fun fact activity” where students learn fun facts about the theme of the day. In Ice Cream Shop Day, students can choose from 3 options: paper, QR codes, or the online version.

In the paper version, you display the fun facts around the room. Simply print and tape up to your walls. Then, let early finishers explore the room, find the fun facts, and record them on paper. Or, use the QR code version. Students scan the QR codes to discover each fun fact. These are also easy to print and display. Finally, in the online version, students click on different objects on each page to find the fun facts. If they click on the wrong object, a message will pop up saying to try again. If the student clicks on the right object, a fun fact will be revealed. The online version works best with Google Classroom.

Party Classroom Transformation

party posters on classroom door with streamers

Our final food classroom transformation idea is Party Day! Students become party planners and work towards a treat at the end of the day. You can deck out your classroom for under $10 with supplies from Dollar Tree. I like to buy some streamers and balloons for a few dollars and deck out the doorway so students get excited as they enter the room.

Then, when all academic work has been completed, students earn a cupcake or a cookie. I usually go to the grocery store and purchase a treat that is on sale for a few dollars. I also look for treats that will not be very messy. The first year I did this, I made the mistake of buying a cake for students to enjoy. While students enjoyed it, it made a mess cutting pieces and distributing them to desks. Something “grab and go” is much better! A cookie or cupcake is easier to pass out and can be contained a lot better. Learn from my mistake and choose something significantly easier to do. Click to read more about the Party Day Classroom Transformation.

party classroom transformation with kids wearing party hats and cupcakes on table

Something “extra” I include with this room transformation is an admission ticket. Sometimes, I hand this out the day before. Sometimes, I put it on student desks the morning of our special day. What is an admission ticket? An admission ticket is shown in the picture below. It tells students they will participate in a special activity and gets them excited for what’s to come. When I hand these out the day before our room transformation, students get very excited during dismissal talking about what they think they’ll see as soon as they come in.

admission tickets that say wahoo it's party time for a food classroom transformation

In summary, we talked about 8 different food classroom transformation ideas for you to try! Which was your favorite? Are you going to try out a food classroom transformation in your classroom? And, all things considered, let me know if you have any questions! I love talking about classroom transformations and am always eager to help!

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