5 Easy Classroom Transformations to Get Students Moving

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Kids are full of energy. From the moment your students enter the classroom, they’re bouncing in their seats or running around to visit friends. However, all of that energy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Classroom transformations are perfect for incorporating energy into learning and make it so everyone has a great day–including you! Here are 5 easy classroom transformations to get students moving.

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Get Kids Moving with a Boot Camp Day

Ten-hut! The Boot Camp Classroom Transformation has arrived. This transformation turns your classroom into a boot camp where students work to memorize and recite academic facts. This is one of the best classroom transformations with movement. Over the course of the day, students travel around the classroom from team to team as they memorize different facts (or practice a different skill depending on the grade level). Every ten minutes or so, you can announce to everyone that it’s time to switch partners or come over and recite what they learned. Between all the rotating and moving around, your kids will adore the chance to release some of their energy before recess even starts.

In addition, you can include an obstacle course in this transformation. Layout some spare items like a tire or odd boxes and have your students try to dodge them to reach the other side of the classroom. Even the simplest course will seem like a blast to your students while also sticking to the boot camp theme of the day. Overall, the Boot Camp Transformation is a great way for getting your kids moving around and can keep energy under check as learning occurs.

Get Active with Firefighter Day

Another great classroom transformation to get students moving is the Firefighter Classroom Transformation. From cool costumes to chance cards, this transformation never has a dull moment. The fire station comes to your classroom for the day as your firefighter students work to put out fires around the room. Students are tasked with solving 10 firefighter-themed math or reading challenges. 

After they solve a challenge, they get to draw chance cards that have them complete exciting tasks. They might get to put on a firefighter suit (which can be something as simple as an old coat and some boots) or untangle the fire hose (your garden hose). Other cards might have your students save a cat from a tree or a squirrel from a barrel. Whichever chance card they draw, students will have the chance to move around while also furthering their academic skills. Movement is present from start to finish during this classroom transformation. There are so many classroom transformations that get kids moving and it’s very easy to do!

Bowling Day Will Get Kids Moving without Even Realizing It

You’ve hit a strike discovering the Bowling Classroom Transformation! It’s the fourth of five classroom transformations to get students moving The bowling alley comes to visit you and your students during this exciting day of fun. Students solve 10 academic challenges that are all bowling-themed. But the fun doesn’t stop there. After students solve a challenge, they get to bowl in real life with a plastic bowling set. They even keep track of their scores with an included recording sheet. At the end of the day, kids can bring home their cards and show off their bowling skills to their parents.

Throughout the entire transformation, students are moving around while simultaneously strengthening their math or reading skills. Kids will love the chance to play a game while completing classwork, and the bowling classroom transformation is always a classroom favorite for this reason.

Who Knew Painting Could Be So Much Fun?

Everyone gets to share their creative side during the Artist Classroom Transformation. From designing custom hats to painting cute pictures, students always have a blast during this art-themed day. As kids complete 10 artist-themed academic challenges around the classroom, they get to work on their own paintings. Once a student finishes a challenge, they get to add something to their painting.  Having a special project to work on throughout the day excites students to no end.

This classroom transformation is a fantastic choice to get your kids’ energy out in not only a fun but academically-inclined way. Your students will have so much fun over the course of this transformation that they won’t have even realized they were practicing their academic skills the entire time. And by the end of the day, your students will have released all that pent-up energy and strengthened academic skills they were previously struggling with. They might have even become better artists! Classroom transformations to get students moving that ALSO incorporate art are a big hit with any set of students.

The Floor is Lava = Ultimate Engagement

Watch out! The floor has turned to lava! The Floor Is Lava Classroom Transformation is a student-favorite that keeps everyone on their toes the whole day. This transformation includes 10 lava-themed academic challenges to solve, but there’s a catch–students must avoid the “lava” on the floor throughout the day. The lava might only be a red tablecloth, but it does the job of keeping students wary of its burn (and moving too!). Classroom transformations to get students moving are great as end of year review or test prep.

Everyone has played “the floor is lava” at home before, and this classroom transformation is a perfect corresponding academic version of the game. As your students solve challenges, they have to avoid stepping on the lava around your classroom. This fun obstacle course gets everyone moving and motivated to study. If you have an antsy classroom, try this transformation out and watch as your students light up!

That’s a wrap for the classroom transformations to get students moving! I hope you learned more about transformations and that you try out one of these exciting ideas. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to keep your students busy or a substitute for a review day, any of these classroom transformations are perfect for you and your kids.

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