Tips For Setting Up Classroom Transformations Easily

how long does it really take to transform your classroom

Setting up a classroom transformation is kind of like cooking your favorite dish—it can take anywhere from a quick stir-fry to a slow-cooked masterpiece. You know, it all depends on the recipe (or in this case, the theme), your ingredients (materials), and how much you’re in the mood for some culinary adventure (teacher’s level of prep). Setting up classroom transformations is as easy or as difficult as you want to make it!

So, here’s the scoop: I’ve accomplished setting up classroom transformations in the blink of an eye, like 15 minutes flat! I’ve also taken a leisurely 30 minutes, worked slowly for 45 minutes, or gone full speed for an hour. Sometimes, I even went all out for 3 whole hours. It totally boils down to what I can accomplish in the time I have! I think about the theme I’ve got brewing and how much prep I’m willing to spice things up with. And finally, how many decorations I want to sprinkle around the place.


For instance, take the first time I tried out Vet Day. I grabbed a box of hair nets and gloves from Walmart. Simple, right? When the kids aced their challenges, they walked away with a shiny new pencil. It probably took me around 20 minutes. But hey, it was my first “rodeo”, and I was still figuring things out.

Then there was that one year when I unleashed my inner decorator. I went all-in, decking out the entire room with posters and decor galore. That year, I even splurged on those cute dog-shaped balloons for all the kids to take home. Now, that was an hour of pure crafting fun!

And when the pandemic hit, I had to get crafty with it. I slapped some paw prints on the ground, dished out veterinarian name tags, and handed out “no homework” coupons like candy. Plus, it didn’t break the bank, and I whipped it up in just 15 minutes.

Now, here’s the dish:

Did I have a favorite class that I adored more than the others? Nope! Did one class have more fun than the rest? Nah. Did one class learn more than the others? Definitely not!

But here’s the juicy part—every single class loved that we spiced things up, that we did something different from the usual grind. They all got into multi-step word problems like it was the tastiest thing on the menu. And they all thanked me for serving up a memorable experience. 🙌

You see, I didn’t mess with the main course (the core content), I just played around with the garnish (the room setup) each year. I cooked up what felt right for me and my students at that point in time, and guess what? It turned out to be a hit every single time! 🥰

Now, if you’re wondering how long it’ll take you to whip up a classroom transformation…

Here are some “ingredients” to consider:

  • Theme Complexity: If you’re going for an extravagant theme with a million ingredients (decorations), it might take a bit longer to pull off.
  • Preparation: If you’ve got all your ingredients ready and lined up, it’s like having a meal kit—it’ll save you some cooking time.
  • Experience: Just like a seasoned chef can whip up a dish faster, the more you’ve done these transformations, the quicker you’ll be.
  • Classroom Size: Bigger classrooms can be like making a big ol’ pot of stew—it’ll take more time to season everything.
  • Assistance: If you’ve got some sous-chefs (colleagues, teacher aides, or parent volunteers) in the mix, you can get stuff done faster.
  • Flexibility of Decorations: Some decorations are like pre-chopped veggies, ready to go, while others are like whole vegetables that need peeling and chopping—it can make a difference.

So, in a nutshell, setting up classroom transformations can be as quick as a microwave meal or as leisurely as a weekend barbecue. The bottom line? Do what works for you and have fun with it!

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