The Best Room Transformations for Kindergarten Students

classroom transformation themes for kindergarten

These are the top 10 best kindergarten room transformations. They are easy to implement, rigorous, and fun for kindergartners! All kindergarten room transformations focus on a different skill set so you can use one each week or at the end of each unit. The best part about my room transformations is that they’re 100% editable! If you haven’t taught a specific skill yet, or need to modify the content to meet your students’ needs, you can change any of the questions. All kindergarten room transformations are challenging, aligned to standards, and engaging for students. They are also easy to set up and simple to use. Check out the 10 most popular kindergarten room transformations below.

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Donut Shop Classroom Transformation

kindergarten room transformations example of donut shop day

If you’re looking for a scrumptious day in the classroom, the Donut Shop Classroom Transformation is for you! In this transformation, kindergarteners will complete 10 donut-themed math worksheets around the classroom, wear donut decor such as bakery hats, and end the day with a real donut for a prize.

For kindergarteners, there are 3 different versions of challenges provided for you to easily differentiate learners. All challenges are editable if you ever want to personalize a part of the transformation to better fit the needs of your classroom.

  • Version #1: Decompose the Donuts with Pictures into Addition Sentences
  • In Version #2: Decompose the Donuts Using Part/Part Whole Stratgy
  • Version #3: Decompose the Donuts Using Ten Frames
donut shop recording sheet with donuts next to it

As kindergarteners solve the challenges, they keep track of their progress using an included recording sheet. Each time they correctly finish a challenge, you sign their recording sheet so they can move on to the next task. This allows kids to remember which challenges they’ve already finished or when they need to go back and try again.

Candy Shop Classroom Transformation

kindergarten room transformations example of candy shop day

In the Candy Shop Classroom Transformation, kindergarteners practice counting objects by using real candy! The room is decorated with candy decorations such as banners, door signs, and colorful pictures to make it feel like a real candy shop. Throughout the day, students solve 10 candy-themed math worksheets that practice counting objects in a scattered group and telling if one group has more or less, all the while experiencing a sweet day in the classroom.

During the room transformation, kindergartners are able to use actual candy to practice counting. Using real manipulatives helps students better understand the concept, and getting to eat the candy afterward is a strong motivator to finish.

candy shop classroom transformation

Zoo Classroom Transformation

kindergarten room transformations example of zoo day

In the Zoo Classroom Transformation, kindergarteners enter a classroom with fun decorations, animal masks, and custom banners. Kindergarteners practice comparing numbers 1-10 by solving zoo-themed task cards laid out around the room.

This classroom transformation is completed like a scavenger hunt. Kindergarteners search around the room to find all the “missing zoo animals” by solving task cards and recording the answers on their recording sheets. At the end of this transformation, students receive a zoo animal eraser as a prize for completing all the challenges.

zoo animal erasers

Space Day Classroom Transformation

kindergarten room transformations example of space day

In the Space Classroom Transformation, kindergarteners travel out of this world when you decorate the classroom with provided space banners and fun signs. Throughout the day, students will solve 10 space-themed math challenges around the room that are designed to help build their problem-solving skills with both real-world and out-of-this-world math.

This transformation provides you with four versions of worksheets that are easy for you to differentiate with students. Kindergartners practice counting forward from a given number. The four versions are numbers 1-25, 1-50, 1-75, and 1-100.

kid putting a sticker on a space recording sheet

Rock Star Classroom Transformation

kindergarten room transformations example of rock star day

Everyone can become a star when you complete the Rock Star Classroom Transformation! Kindergarteners spend the day surrounded by rock star posters and banners while wearing fun hats to immerse them into the VIP experience. Included math challenges in this transformation are all rock-star-themed and practice skills such as:

  • count within 100 starting at any given number
  • add and subtract within 10
  • write descriptive words to describe objects like longer or shorter
  • compose simple shapes to make larger shapes
  • counting how many
  • subtraction with 5
  • making ten with ten frames
  • comparing numbers with greater than, less than, or equal to within ten
  • counting within 20 with ten frames
  • decide if shapes are 2D or 3D

Once your kindergarteners have completed all the challenges assigned to them, provide them with a certificate of completion. This is a great reminder of the fun day they had at school and also a great talking point with parents.

sports day certificate

Farmer Classroom Transformation

kindergarten room transformations example of farm day

Bring the farm right to your classroom in the Farmer Classroom Transformation! In this transformation, kindergarteners will enter your newly-decorated classroom with farm posters, tablecloths, and other farm decorations. They will then solve 10 farmer-themed math challenges placed around the room. There are 2 versions of the challenges included: counting 1-10 and counting 1-20.

Challenges also practice a variety of other farm-themed math skills:

  • understand the relationship between numbers and quantities
  • connect counting to cardinality
  • count quantities in a picture and write the number counted
  • numbers 1-10 and numbers 1-20
farm classroom transformation set up

At the end of the Farmer Classroom Transformation, it’s a great idea to give out a small prize in reward for your students’ effort. A cute farm eraser or a homework pass can be great motivation for your kindergarteners to finish the transformation.

Sports Day Classroom Transformation

kindergarten room transformations example of sports day

In the Sports Day Classroom transformation, kindergarteners experience a variety of sports from basketball to hockey. Sports banners and posters are provided for you to hang up around the classroom, as well as 10 sports-themed math challenges. Kids who are both athletic and not are sure to have a blast during this transformation.

Sports challenges practice the following skills for your kindergarteners:

  • find number pairs that make ten
  • make 10 with ten frames
  • figure out the missing number in a number sentence to make ten
  • error analysis-decide if a number added will make ten or not
sports day prizes

At the end of the Sports Day Classroom Transformation, I like to hand out a reward at the end. There are tons of sports-themed prizes out there to choose from, from soccer erasers to miniature medals. A little trinket can be a great motivator to encourage your students to reach the end of the transformation.

Bowling Classroom Transformation

kindergarten room transformations example of bowling day

Strike, spare, or single, the Bowling Classroom Transformation is a sure hit in your classroom! Kindergarteners will experience bowling fun during this transformation when you transform your classroom into a bowling alley. Bowling posters and decorations are provided for you to hang around the classroom, and all of the math challenges are bowling-themed.

The Bowling Classroom Transformation practices the following math skills:

  • represent addition and subtraction in a variety of ways
  • solve addition and subtraction word problems within 10
  • decompose numbers less than 10 into pairs
  • making ten
  • Fluently add and subtract within 5.
  • compose and decompose numbers from 11 to 19 (teen numbers)
bowling card

As a fun optional activity, you can bring real-life bowling to this classroom transformation. In past years, I’ve used a plastic bowling set in this transformation and allowed my students to bowl each time they completed one of the math challenges. They can keep track of their scores with the provided recording sheet. This extra step in the transformation always encourages students to finish the challenges.

Halloween Classroom Transformation

kindergarten room transformations halloween haunted house

One of my favorite kindergarten room transformations is the Haunted House Day! Looking for a fun, but still educational way to celebrate Halloween in your classroom? Look no further! The Halloween Classroom Transformation turns your classroom into a haunted house for the day, where your kindergarteners solve 10 Halloween-themed math challenges. There are spooky posters and fun extra activities all included for you in this transformation.

Kindergartners are able to practice a variety of skills in the Haunted House:

  • identify 2D and 3D shapes (flat and solid)
  • practice geometry by identifying shapes with 4 sides or shapes without 4 sides
  • use positional words such as above, below, beside, in front of, behind, and next to
  • count how many
  • count objects in a scattered array
  • use part-part whole to solve addition and subtraction equations
  • compose and decompose numbers within ten
  • making ten
  • count within 50
  • count forward starting at a given number within 50
halloween trick or treat bags

For a special activity once your transformation is completed, try out the Trick-or-Treat game with your kindergarteners! Cut out a bunch of the provided cards labeled “trick” and “treat” and mix them in a bowl together. Have your students reach inside and pull out one of the cards. If they pull out a “treat,” they earn a piece of Halloween candy or similar. If they pull out a “trick,” have them reach in one of the “trick bags” you’ve created (trick bag labels are provided, as well as a list of ideas for the bag). These can be easily made by filling up paper bags with different-textured items (such as carrots, tissue paper, etc.) and labeling them with Halloween-themed descriptors. Carrots become “mummy toes” and fishing line becomes “spider web.” Kids love getting to experience a gross, hands-on activity, and it is perfect for Halloween.

Coffee Shop Classroom Transformation

kindergarten room transformations example of coffee shop day

Transform your classroom into a coffee shop for the day in the Coffee Shop Classroom Transformation. Use coffee shop posters, decorative coffee cups, and cute aprons to allow your kindergarteners to feel like they are real baristas in a coffee shop as they solve 10 math challenges. This transformation practices adding and subtracting within 5.

Furthermore, kindergarteners will practice coffee-themed math skills:

  • add within 5
  • subtract within 5
  • work on fact fluency

At the end of this classroom transformation, reward your kindergarteners with a special treat. Instead of coffee, use hot chocolate as a prize once your students finish all the math challenges. Students can bring you the coffee cup set out on their desk to fill up. This is a fun extra step to your transformation that really motivates your students to finish the challenges while simultaneously reinforcing the coffee shop theme.

hot chocolate in crockpot

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about these kindergarten room transformations and are excited if you are now considering trying one out! Furthermore, no matter which theme you choose to start with, your kindergarteners are guaranteed to love it.

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