The Best 5th Grade Room Transformations You Need to Try

classroom transformation themes for 5th grade

These are the top 10 best 5th grade classroom transformations! They are easy to implement, rigorous, and fun for fifth graders. All 5th grade classroom transformations focus on a different skill set so you can use one each week or at the end of each unit. The best part about my room transformations is that they’re 100% editable! If you haven’t taught a specific skill yet, or need to modify the content to meet your students’ needs, you can change any of the questions. All 5th grade classroom transformations are challenging, aligned to standards, and engaging for students. They are also easy to set up and simple to use. Check out the 10 most popular 5th grade classroom transformations below.

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Donut Shop Classroom Transformation

donut shop room transformation

It’s a donut shop! In this classroom transformation, students practice adding and subtracting mixed numbers with unlike denominators. Fifth-grade students get to use pictures to help them practice these skills and test their knowledge in a fun, engaging way. Every student gets the chance to have fun while doing math in Donut Day!

When students finish one of the challenges in the room, they are checked by the teacher, and the teacher signs off the matching challenge on the recording sheet. Once a student finishes all 10 challenges, they earn the reward of a donut or another donut-themed prize of your choosing.

donut shop recording sheet with donuts next to it

Not only does Donut Day let your kids have fun while doing work, but it is a great incentive for students to get all of their work done. It’s easier than ever to relate to real-life mathematics and gets students working hard for a cheap reward. Just hang up the donut-themed posters, banners, and challenges, and your room will be transformed into a fun donut shop experience your students will never forget!

Haunted House Classroom Transformation

classroom set up like a haunted house

Are you ready to enter the haunted house? Haunted House Classroom Transformation welcomes your students into a haunted house filled with 10 spooky characters in this fun 5th-grade classroom transformation! Students become guests at a Halloween party in this real-world activity and get to practice a variety of grade 5 math standards. When they complete all math challenges, they win! Print and digital versions are included.

  • Students practice a variety of skills in this Halloween classroom transformation.
  • 5.NBT.1: Recognize Digits’ Values
  • 5.NBT.2: Patterns in Numbers of Zeros
  • 5.NBT.3: Read, Write, and Compare Decimals
  • 5.NBT.4: Round Decimals
  • 5.NBT.5: Multiply Large Numbers
  • 5.NBT.6: Divide Large Numbers
  • 5.NBT.7: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Decimals
halloween trick or treat bags for game

Halloween is always a fun topic for students, and this classroom transformation makes it extra special for them to celebrate the festivities while still doing work. There is a large variety of the types of challenges that are included so students receive plenty of review on all their math skills. There is also a trick or trick element where kids get to put their hand in a bag and they either draw a “trick” or “treat” card that decides what they have to do next. Kids have a blast getting through all the twists and turns of this spooky day!

The Floor is Lava Classroom Transformation

the floor is lava classroom transformation

5th grade classroom transformations can be easy and fun! The floor has turned into lava! In The Floor is Lava Classroom Transformation, tell your students that the floor has turned into lava and it is their job to solve 10 lava-themed challenges around the room to get them through the day. Students can either work independently, in groups, or in pairs to solve the challenges, and they review grade 5 math skills they have learned over the course of the school year.

Students have to avoid the lava as they travel around the classroom. They must solve all 10 challenges in order to complete the day, and every time they solve a challenge, they have to go to the teacher for their recording sheet to be checked. Kids win once they have finished all the challenges, and you can reward them with a lava-themed prize as an incentive for them to work harder.

floor is lava classroom transformation

Because The Floor is Lava Classroom Transformation is an end-of-the-year activity, it is great for test prep and involves many different skills. Students practice fractions, operations and algebraic thinking, numbers in base ten, geometry, and measurement and data. It reviews all 5th grade standards so your students will be ready for testing, and gets them to practice their skills in a way that gets them to have fun without feeling like it’s a drill.

Pet Hospital Classroom Transformation

pet hospital classroom transformation

It’s a pet hospital! In Veterinarian Classroom Transformation, students practice their math skills while pretending they are working in an animal hospital. To make the classroom extra immersive, I like to hang up pet-themed posters and banners, and in the past, I have even given my kids gloves and hairnets so they look like a real vet. The best part about this transformation is that it is up to you how much you want to decorate the classroom! Pet-themed posters are already included for you to hang up, but you can also buy extras from places like Target or the Dollar Store for under $10!

  • Students practice a wide variety of skills in the challenges included in this transformation.
  • 4 digit by 2 digit division word problems
  • 3 digit by 2 digit division word problems
  • 4 digit by 1 digit division word problems
  • 3 digit by 1 digit division word problems
  • Division word problems without remainders
  • Dividing whole numbers by 2 digit divisors
  • Dividing whole numbers by 1 digit divisors
  • Division word problems with remainders
  • Division word problems: interpreting remainders
veterinarian classroom transformation

In Veterinarian Classroom Transformation, there are 10 animal challenges around the room, and each animal features a different division word problem. This makes it a great practice for long division all while letting your kids have fun. You are also able to edit any problems you’d like! All of my room transformations are 100% editable. At the end of the day, you can give your kids a pencil or dog balloon, but any small prize can work. These work as great incentives for your students to want to complete every challenge!

Candy Shop Classroom Transformation

candy shop classroom transformation

Get ready to eat some candy because it’s time to hit the candy shop in this fun 5th-grade classroom transformation! Fifth-grade students become candy shop owners in this real-world activity and get to practice rounding decimals. They also get to complete real-world estimation each time they complete a challenge. Once they finish a challenge, they get to walk over to candy jars and estimate how much is inside of one of the jars. They record their guess on a colored paper below the jar. At the end of the class period, the teacher reveals how much was in each jar, and whichever student guessed closest to the correct amount gets to take home that jar of candy!

This room transformation practices math skills like rounding decimals to the nearest whole number, tenth, and hundredth. Kids become very motivated by candy, so it’s a good idea to have some as a prize as a fun incentive for them to win. You can give out candy as a reward or do a candy balloon for each student! Candy balloons are the perfect decoration to set up around the room that fit the theme for the day and make the students want to finish each challenge.

candy shop classroom transformation

Bowling Alley Classroom Transformation

bowling alley day instructions on a TV

It’s time to bowl! Who will win? In Bowling Day, kids practice a variety of math skills, all while getting the chance to experience bowling. As the kids walk into the classroom, they see directions on the board that explain what to do when they come in. Posters and challenges are set up around the room as well. Students get to bowl each time they correctly complete a challenge, and there are 10 challenges for them to work on, which means they get to bowl 10 times!

Bowling Day reviews a wide variety of 5th-grade math skills, such as practicing adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. If you have only worked on one of these skills in your classroom so far, that’s no problem! My classroom transformations are editable so you can edit the questions that need changing, and your students can get the practice they need.

bowling alley card to record score on in front of blow up bowling pins

Another fun addition to bowling day is a score sheet! Score sheets are a great way for kids to keep track of points as they bowl after each challenge. It is fun mental math for them to work on, and if they have correctly added up all their points at the end, I like to reward them with a small prize. As for the bowling sets in this transformation, they are cheap and easy to find at places like Amazon or Target. You can purchase them for only a few dollars!

Race Car Driver Classroom Transformation

classroom set up for race car day

Start your engines because it’s time to race! Race Car Driver Classroom Transformation has students practice adding and subtracting decimals in each challenge. There are 10 challenges around the room, and kids race around town to all 10 places to complete the math problems at each one. Each time a student completes a challenge, they go to the teacher and their recording sheet is checked off. Students race against each other to complete all the challenges before the end of the day!

There are several extra enrichment activities included. If your students finish early, that’s no problem! You can hang up the included QR codes around the room for kids to scan and record fun facts about race car driving. Or, you can simply hang up the fun facts around the room and have them copy them down on a sheet of paper. This has them practice both their math and reading skills! The third option is for students to use Google Slides. Students click on the race car characters to hunt down each fun fact. There are plenty of options for every classroom! 5th grade classroom transformations can be lots of fun!

race car enrichment activites on paper, ipad, QR code

Beach Day Classroom Transformation

hawaiian beach day classroom transformation

Grab your suitcase because we’re going to Hawaii on summer vacation! Students “go on vacation” in this fun 5th-grade end-of-year classroom transformation! Hawaiian Day, or Beach Day, is an engaging activity where you can pull your students on a wild beach adventure while reviewing math skills. It is a great test prep activity where kids get to have fun without being drilled for their knowledge.

Beach Day is an end-of-year classroom transformation so I always like to use it for test prep with my kids. It involves many different skills like fractions, operations and algebraic thinking, numbers in base ten, geometry, measurement and data, and many more 5th grade standards.

Kids love Beach Day for its festive decorations and vacation-themed setting! You can decorate the classroom with the included beach-themed posters and banners, or buy your own accessories as well. You can also let your kids bring in a bring towel for them to use that day, or they can even wear beach clothes and sunglasses to school. It lets students have a lot of fun while staying on topic!

classroom set up for beach day

Doctor Classroom Transformation

doctor day instructions on the TV

Doctor, grab your stethoscope because it’s time to perform simple expression math surgery in this fun 5th-grade classroom transformation! Tell your students that they are doctors and they must perform 10 life-saving operations through 10 challenges around the room. Kids practice math skills while learning more about organs in the body and getting the chance to act like doctors. They must complete all 10 challenges in order to win!

Students practice writing simple expressions using their knowledge of the order of operations in this room transformation. If you need to edit the challenges to be different, that’s no problem! My transformations are 100% editable and you can change whatever problems you like.

doctor day set up on a desk with gloves, a mask, and a syringe highlighter

Rewards are a great incentive to get your kids to want to finish all 10 challenges. I let my kids take home a highlighter syringe at the end of the day as a reward. You can also let students use the highlighter syringe as they complete the challenges to highlight keywords! If you don’t want to use the highlighters as a prize, you can pick another small reward for students to work towards.

Party Classroom Transformation

party day classroom transformation in action with kids in their seats and cupcakes on the table

Are you ready to party?! Grab your party hat because we’re going to have tons of fun in this party planner classroom transformation! Students travel around the room to find all 10 challenges and solve the problems at each one. They pretend that they are party planners, and they must complete all 10 challenges in order to win.

Students practice adding and subtracting fractions. Two versions are included. One of the versions focuses on mixed numbers and one focuses on improper fractions. The students work on how to:

  • Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators
  • Add and subtract mixed numbers
  • Solve word problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions referring to the same whole, including cases of unlike denominators, e.g., by using visual fraction models or equations to represent the problem.
  • Use benchmark fractions and number sense of fractions to estimate mentally and assess the reasonableness of answers.
  • 4 digit by 1 digit division word problems
  • Word problems involving interpreting remainders
party classroom transformation day in classroom with party hats on desks and party blowers

I like to give out a reward at the end to help motivate students to complete all challenges. I give out a cookie or cupcake. If you don’t want to use food rewards in your classroom, there’s also a certificate of completion included which is just as exciting for students to receive. You can make this transformation as fun as you like!

I hope you liked reading about these 10 5th grade classroom transformations! There are plenty of options for any classroom to try, and the best part is that you can edit any challenge you want. Which transformation are you thinking about trying?

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