5 fun classroom transformation ideas for themed learning days

fun classroom transformation ideas

Transforming your classroom into a different scene or place can be an incredibly exciting experience for your students. As your students complete specialized challenges, they are immersed in an entirely new environment of learning. However, it can take a while to figure out all of the fun classroom transformation ideas by yourself. As someone who has completed many classroom transformations, I have discovered some exciting extras to include in your next transformation. Here are some fun classroom transformation ideas you may never have considered before!

Coloring Page

When your students walk into your newly-transformed room, they’re going to be blown away. All they’re going to want to do is talk to their friends and explore the new space. Keep your kids contained in their seats until the transformation starts with a morning work supplement: a coloring page. A coloring page that matches the theme of the transformation keeps students busy as they wait for everyone to arrive. It also heightens their excitement for the rest of the day.

If you already have morning work planned or decide not to bring out the coloring supplies first thing, you can use the coloring page as a fast finisher activity. Students who finish the challenges first can quietly color as they wait for others to wrap up. This prevents them from distracting friends and gives them a “reward’ for finishing early.

There are tons of coloring pages available for purchase online. However, if you’re looking to keep your expenses organized, I include coloring pages in all of my classroom transformations. If you don’t want to worry about looking all over the Internet for every piece of your transformation, my transformations include all the essentials (and extras) right for you.

Name Tags

Another fun “extra” is name tags. When kids walk into your classroom in the morning and see a name tag sitting on their desk, there’s no doubt they’ll be excited for the day. You can laminate and hole punch them with string for kids to wear over the course of the transformation, giving them a fun item to display. You could also put them in lanyards.

Want to save yourself some time? Print out some blank name tags and let kids write their own specalized names like Construction Worker Joe on Construction Day or Doctor Bob for Doctor Day. They can add a string to the name tag themselves in place of morning work so you don’t have to prep them ahead of time. Or you could print the nametags out with their names and paperclip one to each kid’s shirt. If you really want to go all out, you could even let students put the name tags on themed hats with tape.

There are so many different ways to pull off name tags, all of which kids adore. Because of their popularity, I decided to include customizable name tags in my room transformations on TPT. This extra is one of many other fun items offered in a purchase. There are so many different fun classroom transformation ideas you can incorporate into your themed days to make them even more exciting!


What better way to decorate for a classroom transformation than with posters? Themed posters are easy for print-and-go. Print messages on colored paper to make them pop. On Ocean Day, print out “Save the Whales” on blue paper. Use your red paper on the Floor is Lava Day to warn about the volcanic eruption. These “extras” are some of the best ways to bring out a theme into your classroom. Or, purchase them on TPT with any of my room transformations!

Posters can be placed practically anywhere. Stick them on desks, around the classroom, in the hallway–you can really get creative here. Posters are also easy to reuse if you laminate them. That way, you can save on paper and time in future years. With my transformations, I include lots of printable posters and banners for you. That way, you won’t have to format everything yourself. My posters include cute messages about the transformation that enhance the theme.

Admission Tickets

One of my favorite extras to add to a room transformation are admission tickets. These work to excite your students before the room transformation even begins. The day before your transformation, place the admission tickets on your kids’ desks to let them know what you’re doing the following day. These tickets “invite” them to participate in the upcoming transformation. This never fails to excite a class and also makes them excited to come to school the next day. 

Admission tickets are also a great talking point with parents. Instead of saying school was “fine” and leaving it at that, kids have something to talk to their parents about. They can bring the tickets home with them and show them off to their family. If they want, they can also use the tickets as bookmarks. When they come to school the next day and show you they have a ticket to enter your transformed classroom, their excitement is contagious.

These tickets are also included in my room transformations on TPT. I customize them to fit the theme of each transformation, and they’re ready for you to print out with zero prep. Every time I complete a transformation, they are a hit with my class AND my class’s parents!


A final “extra” idea for you is specialized hats. Hats that fit the theme of the room transformation can enhance the entire day. On Donut Shop Day, kids get to wear bakery hats. On Firefighter Day, they get to wear fire hats. Getting something special to wear throughout the transformation allows kids in a fun way to see what it’s like to work in a certain career.

Hats are usually cheap and easy to find in stores. You could also find free ones if you look in the right places. At Krispy Kreme, they sometimes offer free bakery hats to kids. The same goes for the fire station, where you can pick up firefighter hats for free for your entire class! I also have hats included in my room transformations. These hats are printable and match the theme of the day. If needed, you can also attach name tags to them. Students go wild over having something to hold or wear during the special day.

With so many ideas for fun classroom transformation ideas to include in your next transformation, I’m sure your mind is moving quickly! Even adding just a few special decorations to your classroom can bring your transformation to the next level. And if you want a bunch of extras to choose from without the stress of scouring the Internet, hop on over to my TPT shop and see if my transformations are a good match. I include everything you need (and more!) to create a fantastic room transformation.

Are you new to this idea and ready to try a classroom transformation? I’m here to help! Be sure to check out my additional posts with classroom transformation tips and follow me on Instagram where I share even more resources and tips for teachers.

Want to add some fun decorations to your next room transformation? I’ve got you covered right here with my Classroom Transformation Decoration Lists!

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Cheap Classroom Transformation Decorations You Can Use Again And Again

cheap classroom transformation decorations

With so much that can go into every classroom transformation, it’s difficult to know where to start with purchasing. If you’re wondering how to buy cheap classroom transformation decorations, you’re in luck. In this post, we will go over some common items found in room transformations that you can reuse for years to come. While these ideas aren’t necessary for a fun room transformation, they can do wonders for setting the scene. Here are all the cheap classroom transformation decorations that can keep you on budget and your class loving those special days!


Simple, cheap, and fun! Tablecloths are the perfect decoration for every transformation. The best places to buy them are Amazon, Dollar Tree, and Walmart. Pro tip: Walmart is the cheapest if you buy them in packs of three. What’s great about tablecloths is that you can reuse them year after year. After you complete a transformation, fold them up and store them until they’re needed again next year. This will save you both time and money on decorating.

Tablecloths come in just about every color. This means they can go with any theme. On Saint Patrick’s Day, Safari Day, or Zoo Day, whip out your green ones. If it’s Ocean Day, Hawaii Day, or Weather Day, you can use your ones in blue. Even just having two or three different colors of tablecloth can make your room transformation that much more special.

Not only can tablecloths go on desks, but they can be hung from the ceiling to set the day’s scene. For example, on Circus Day, you can hang up rainbow-colored tablecloths that bring a pop of color to your classroom. You can also place tablecloths on the ground. Blue tablecloths can transform your classroom into the ocean on Ocean Day, and red cloth can look like lava on The Floor is Lava Day. Of course, you can also place tablecloths across desks. With some black tablecloths, desks become spaceships, and a checkered tablecloth can make your room look like a farm.

When you’re done with your transformation, tablecloths are easy to remove. Have your kids help you round up all your cloth around the room and fold it up until the next transformation. This can be done in just a few minutes.

Crepe Paper or Streamers

Another useful decoration to have on hand is crepe paper. Crepe paper can serve a variety of purposes during a room transformation. By hanging up some on the door in place of streamers, your room will look that much more detailed. Kids loved to walk through it in the morning, making them feel like they’ve entered another world instead of the place they go to every day. With a little tape, crepe paper will stay up all day. Kids can go through it every time they exit and enter the classroom.

Crepe paper is also very easy to take down at the end of the day. Since you only have to use tape to hang it up, it’s easy to peel off and discard. You can even have your students help you remove it at the end of the transformation. They’ll be excited to be a part of the fun.

While crepe paper isn’t exactly reusable like tablecloths, you can buy one roll of it and use that roll for years to come. It will save you time shopping in the future and always be ready for use if needed. You can find it cheap at the Dollar Tree. Like the tablecloths, it comes in multiple colors that match whatever theme you’re doing. You can use pink and purple crepe paper for Donut Day, rainbow colors for Artist Day, and on. Overall, this paper is a great addition to a transformation. It’s perfect as a cheap classroom transformation decoration!

Paper Plates and Cups

A recurring item needed in classroom transformation would be plates and cups for food. Food is often a reward at the end of a transformation, whether it be a cup of ice cream at the end of Ice Cream Shop Day or a cup of hot chocolate after Coffee Shop Day. Kids love food rewards, and by buying cheap disposable plates and cups, you can have an easy way to serve treats after the transformation ends.

Plates are a great way for students to have a place to collect their rewards as they work. For example, on Haunted House Day, kids get a piece of candy after each challenge. With a plate ready on their desk, they can easily deposit their treats without having to worry about where to put it. Additionally, this allows students to save food for later instead of eating it immediately and leading to a sugar high.

Referring back to Coffee Shop Day, students get a cup of hot chocolate after they finish the transformation. Having that disposable cup on their desk throughout the day is a visual reminder of the treat they are working for, motivating them to finish their work. Plates can also serve this role, while simultaneously helping to keep your classroom clean. On transformation days with messy food prizes, plates can be a life-saver. The popcorn given out on Circus Day can get everywhere without somewhere to put it all.

Not only are plates and cups used with food, but also with the activities included in some transformations. On Artist Day, students may be painting. The paint could go into cups, and kids could pour some of it onto their plates as they work to complete their masterpiece. All in all, having some disposable cups and plates handy can be more useful than you’d imagine.


Although not strictly essential to a room transformation, themed hats can make the day truly amazing for your students. You can buy special hats on Amazon for cheap, or you can purchase a room transformation of mine on TPT. Printable hats are included in each of my classroom transformations.

With every transformation, your students learn about a new environment or career. Getting to wear a hat that fits the theme truly immerses them into the experience. For a transformation like Donut Day, you can buy donut hats for cheap on Amazon or print out the provided ones in the TPT product. Construction hats can be as low as $6 on Amazon so they’re very affordable.

Looking to save money? Reach out to parents. If a parent works in a certain specialized industry, they may be able to score you some free hats for your kids to wear that fit the transformation theme. Construction workers might have construction helmets to borrow, and doctors could give you surgical gowns and masks. Keep in mind that some places give away hats for free in the first place. The fire station always gives fire hats to kids, as well as Krispy Kreme with donut hats. 

You can also easily add a name tag onto hats. In my room transformations, I include free name tags. These can be edited to personalize your students’ names on them and used in your classroom. Kids can color their nametags and configure their hats in place of morning work, keeping them on task while giving them something fun to do.


The final cheap classroom transformation decorations I would recommend having on hand for room transformation is new pencils. Pencils are cheap and fun to implement as prizes in the room transformation. You can hand out star pencils to students on Space Day, donut pencils on Donut Day, ice cream pencils on Ice Cream Day, and so on. Pencils can be used long after the transformation ends but are a fun reminder of the day.

The same goes for mini erasers. Erasers are cheap in bulk, come in many different designs, and are adored by students. Animal erasers are perfect for transformations like Veterinarian Day, Farm Day, and Dinosaur Day. There are plenty of other eraser ideas for other classroom transformations.

In summary, some helpful items to include in each room transformation would be colorful tablecloths, decorative crepe paper, disposable cups and plates, themed hats, and new pencils or erasers. These items can be varied to fit the needs of your classroom, but are a great starting point in a transformation. I hope you feel more prepared after reading about cheap classroom transformation decorations and that your future transformations go successfully!

Are you new to this idea and ready to try a classroom transformation? I’m here to help! Be sure to check out my additional posts with classroom transformation tips and follow me on Instagram where I share even more resources and tips for teachers.

Want to add some fun decorations to your next room transformation? I’ve got you covered right here with my Classroom Transformation Decoration Lists!

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The Most Engaging Classroom transformations

the most engaging classroom transformations

There are so many ideas floating around about the best way to transform your classroom. Some teachers say a beach transformation is the most exciting, while others argue that you can’t go bigger than transforming your room into a candy shop. While there’s really no “best” transformation, there are a few uniquely engaging classroom transformations that can be great to try out. Below are the top 10 most engaging classroom transformations. I can guarantee your students will love all of these ideas and will be begging you to do another room transformation as soon as possible!

Donut Shop Day

First up, the Donut Shop Classroom Transformation is a delicious way to spice up learning. This transformation is easy to set up while also highly engaging for your students. All you need to do is buy donuts! This will quickly become your students’ favorite day of the year! If you’re looking for extra decorations, donut blow-up floats are super cheap at Walmart and Five Below. Not only is this engaging classroom transformation one of the most popular; but the donut theme easily incorporates real-world examples into your math and reading lessons.

Floor is Lava Day

Everyone has played the excitingly dangerous game that is “the floor is lava.” And what better game is there to incorporate into a classroom transformation? During The Floor is Lava Day, students must avoid touching the “lava” on the floor as they complete academic challenges around the room. Of course, behavior expecations must be put in place and your day must be strategically planned. But I promise, the floor can turn into lava in your classroom without total chaos occurring (read more details below). Letting your students play a game as they work is one of the most effective ways to engage them, especially during end-of-year test prep.

Bowling Day

With hands-on games and easy set-up, the Bowling Classroom Transformations “bowls over” most other transformations. During this transformation, your students actually get to bowl after they complete academic challenges. It is also incredibly easy to prepare for this engaging classroom transformation. You can find cheap blow-up bowling sets at Walmart, Five Below, and even on Amazon. Don’t want to buy a bowling set for the day? Reach out to parents and inquire if they have one they’d let you borrow for the day. It’s incredible how much a bowling set can motivate your students to learn, making this one of the most engaging transformations.

Haunted House Day

The Haunted House Classroom Transformation is both a trick and a treat for your classroom! During the Halloween season, pull out this transformation and watch your kids light up. The special activities, such as the trick-or-treat chance cards, are amazing for motivating your students to complete challenges. During the chance card activity, students either receive a “trick” or a “treat” card. The “treat” card means they get candy, but the “trick” card means they have to reach into one of the trick bags.

These bags are filled with common objects like toilet paper and carrots, but are labeled as things like “Spider Web” and “Monster Toes.” The kids can’t look at what’s really inside the bag they’re reaching inside, and they love getting grossed out. It is also super easy to transform your classroom into a haunted house. Pull out Halloween decorations from your attic, or purchase some cheap ones from the Dollar Tree, and you’re done. Holiday classroom transformations are always some of the most captivating transformations.

Space Day

The mysteries of the galaxy reach your classroom during the Space Classroom Transformation. Decorate for Space Day by buying some space-themed decorations on Amazon and throwing some black tablecloths or construction paper over the windows and desks. Students become astronauts for the day as they solve academic challenges. Students can wear the included printable astronaut helmets as they work. This transformation is one of the most popular among students because of how different your room feels in the darkness of space, keeping everyone completely engaged in their work.

Circus Day

There’s something undeniably special about the circus. Whether it be the exciting games or fried food, everyone loves when the circus finally comes to town. Bring the same kind of thrill to your classroom with the Circus Classroom Transformation! Use cheap crepe paper to set the scene and give out popcorn as an end-of-day reward. Your students will be invested in this transformation from start to finish.

Candy Shop or Ice Cream Day

These two tied for one of the most engaging classroom transformations! This is because Candy Shop Day and Ice Cream Shop Day are so similar in the amount of excitement they cause to occur! Both the Candy Shop Transformation and the Ice Cream Shop Transformation are perfect for drawing your students in while getting them to complete their academic work. Hand out candy or ice cream cups as your kids complete challenges. This motivates them to finish their work and retain what they learned. You can even let parents donate the sweets so you only have to worry about overseeing the transformation.

Veterinarian Day

Animals and pets are a common topic amongst kids, making the Veterinarian Classroom Transformation a great match for your classroom. Everything about this room transformation is a hit, from the challenges to the decorations. Animal balloons are especially beloved by students. During this pet hospital transformation, you could let your kids bring in a stuffed animal to carry around throughout the day, offering a little extra excitement as learning ensues. As a special treat, I love to give out animal balloons at the end. My class always says this is one of their favorite room transformations we do throughout the year. Students will be enthralled throughout the entire course of the day.

Camping Day

A camping trip is a fun way to spend time outdoors. However, you don’t need to go out into the wilderness to experience the entertainment of the Camping Classroom Transformation. When decorating for this transformation, encourage kids to bring camping stuff from home to set the scene. You can even bring in beach towels and make fake fires out of crepe paper. These small details pull your students into the transformation, making them oblivious to the academic nature of the day.

Detective Day

There’s nothing more enticing than the chance to solve a mystery. The Detective Classroom Transformation allows every student to become their own Sherlock Holmes for the day. What’s special about this transformation is that with each academic challenge your students solve, they receive a clue that leads them closer to the answer of which character stole the cookie jar–the intertwining mystery in this transformation. Students use invisible ink pens to read clues, wear fake mustaches, and receive prizes for solving the mystery. This is definitely one of the best and most engaging classroom transformations! Your class will love it!

With a unique twist to every classroom transformation, each one is more engaging than the last. I hope the engaging classroom transformations on this list inspire you to try out your own transformation, which is sure to keep your kids invested in the lesson while having a blast.

Are you new to this idea and ready to try a classroom transformation? I’m here to help! Be sure to check out my additional posts with classroom transformation tips and follow me on Instagram where I share even more resources and tips for teachers.

Want to add some fun decorations to your next room transformation? I’ve got you covered right here with my Classroom Transformation Decoration Lists!

How to do a Mini Classroom Transformation

how to do a mini classroom transformation

Scrolling through pictures of elaborate classroom transformations, you might worry about the time and money it takes to pull off one successfully. These concerns are common but unneeded! There are many ways to adjust a transformation to fit the needs of your classroom. Why not try a mini classroom transformation? A mini transformation does the trick of incorporating fun into academics while not taking up your entire day. In this post, we’re going to go over the steps to completing an engaging mini transformation.

artist day classroom transformation aprons on desks

Delegating your time appropriately during school can be exhausting when you have so much to do. It is during these instances you may think you don’t possibly have enough time to set up an entire classroom transformation. However, a mini classroom transformation only takes up half of your day and still leaves you time to complete your other duties. You can set it up just for the morning or the afternoon and leave the rest of the day for your lessons. Your kids will be ecstatic about any extra fun they receive. You don’t have to go “all out” to make the day special for your students.


The first step in completing a mini classroom transformation is planning. Scheduling out your day ahead of time can lead to a much smoother day. Before you start transforming your room, give yourself a set time in which you decorate. If you’re doing your mini transformation in the morning, will you set up your room before school starts? Or will you set up during lunchtime and have your kids complete the transformation in the afternoon? Maybe you’ll decorate your room during your planning period or while the kids are out at recess. Deciding when and how you’ll set up your room ahead of time can make everything a lot less stressful.

realtor classroom transformation set up

Keep in mind that once the transformation is over, you’ll need to strip everything down. As you’re planning out the timeframe of your transformation, decide when you’ll take down the decorations. If your mini transformation takes place in the morning, will you take it down while the kids are at lunch? During your planning? Early preparation is key to a smooth transformation for both you and your students.

Have Students Help

Here’s a helpful tip: use your kids! When you complete your mini transformation, have everyone help you take the decorations down. This can be a very simple process when you let your class help you. Your room can look completely normal again in less than five minutes! To ensure efficiency, assign different tables to different tasks. One table can collect all the tablecloths, another can look for trash, and another can clean up all miscellaneous papers. Kids are happy to help out after such a fun day, and you’ll be able to return to your lessons minutes after the transformation ends. Wrapping up a mini room transformation with 20 helpers goes a lot faster than doing it by yourself.

pirate classroom transformation in action

Focus On One Subject

While completing a mini classroom transformation, it helps to not plan to do too much. Focus on just one subject. Pick between a math or reading transformation. You don’t need to do both. The transformation can easily replace your math or reading block one day, smoothly fitting into your pacing guide while offering extra fun for your students. Mini transformations are great for taking up little time and still getting your students to practice their academic skills.

kids during a mini classroom transformation

Don’t Overdecorate

Another tip that helps is to put up minimal decorations. You don’t have to go all out to create an engaging mini classroom transformation. Think from a student’s perspective–anything different from the norm is exciting. Simply put up a few posters, some colorful tablecloths, or some crepe paper on the doorframe, and you’re reading to learn (in a fun way)! There are decorations such as signs, hats, and banners included in my room transformations that can do the trick in pulling off a transformation.

classroom door with party decorations

Set Your Expectations

When you’ve finally set up your mini transformation, there’s one last step before you begin. Set your behavior and academic expectations. Clearly stating what you expect from your students from the beginning can make the day a lot less chaotic. Classroom transformations work efficiently when students are aware of what is expected of them ahead of time. That way, you will not have to continuously stop and re-explain behavior guidelines throughout the day. Transformations are supposed to be a “fun” class period. Constant interruptions can put a damper on the excitement, and it’s extremely helpful to connect with your students from the start.

That’s a wrap on how to complete a mini classroom transformation! I hope these tips were helpful for your next transformation. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the idea of transforming your classroom. But with a mini transformation, only a small part of your day is taken up while students undergo the same learning as a typical day at school.

Are you new to this idea and ready to try a classroom transformation? I’m here to help! Be sure to check out my additional posts with classroom transformation tips and follow me on Instagram where I share even more resources and tips for teachers.

Want to add some fun decorations to your next room transformation? I’ve got you covered right here with my Classroom Transformation Decoration Lists!


the best reading classroom transformations

In a world where words can convey so many different messages, it is essential to build your students’ reading skills early on. This is where a reading classroom transformation can be perfect for you and your class! A classroom transformation incorporates real-world examples into learning, and it always has a fun theme to it. Whether it be Donut Day or Thanksgiving Day, reading classroom transformations can make a difference in your students’ success in reading.

(This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through this link, we get a small commission–at no additional cost to you. Rest assured – we only share links to products that we use and love!)


First up is the Donut Shop Reading Classroom Transformation. This fun activity can satisfy your kids’ sweet tooth while simultaneously building their reading skills. Students enter your room to discover they have walked into a donut shop and they must solve 10 donut-themed reading challenges over the day. These challenges review the concept of main idea and supporting details.

The great thing about classroom transformations is how much extra content is included in them. Namely, the decorations. There are always posters and banners included in the room transformations that fit the theme. On Donut Shop Day, you are provided with numerous donut shop posters to decorate your room with. It is amazing what a few decorations can do for your room.


Trick or treat! During the spooky season, the Halloween Reading Classroom Transformation can be a great multiple standards reading review for your students. Your room transforms into a haunted house for the day as your students solve 10 Halloween-themed reading challenges. It is so easy to decorate for this transformation because you can just bring Halloween decorations from home, and your kids will have a blast.

To get work done, you sometimes need an incentive. Reward your students with candy once they finish the transformation! Or, use the trick or treat bags included to take it to the next level! This simple prize can motivate them to finish their work and also fits the Halloween theme. Kids love sweets, and candy is always a hit reward for hard work.


Be careful to watch where you step during this room transformation. The floor has turned to lava! The Floor Is Lava Classroom Transformation is a reading test prep activity for state testing. Students review important reading skills they’ve learned over the year, all the while playing the famous “the floor is lava” game.

You don’t have to wait until the morning to tell your students about the classroom transformation planned. There are admission tickets included for you to hand out to your students the day before the transformation which will allow them to participate in The Floor is Lava Day. This simple ticket can incredibly excite your students to come to school the next day.


This St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns will host their extended family reunion right in your classroom. During the St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Transformation, students will review their reading skills by answering questions about 10 leprechaun-themed reading passages. If you want to celebrate the holiday while making sure your students practice their reading skills, this reading classroom transformation is for you.

Need morning work to complete before the transformation or a reward for finishing it? Print out some copies of the Leprechaun Day coloring page. By giving your students a fun task to complete, they stay in their seats and won’t distract others who are working. This activity is included in every transformation but is especially fun for Leprechaun Day!


The Candy Shop Reading Classroom Transformation is the sweetest fiction reading review around. Your students enter a candy shop for the day as they read and answer questions about 10 candy-themed passages. Mixing treats with reading is a great way to get your students invested in literature.

If you have students who typically finish their work early, the Fast Finisher Activity is a perfect solution. When a student finishes all 10 Candy Day challenges, they use a school device to scan the QR codes posted around your room. These QR codes lead to fun facts about candy. Not only do students get extra reading practice through this, but they learn new facts.


You need to try out the Surgery Day Reading Classroom Transformation, stat! In this transformation, students become surgeons as they read 10 passages with fiction context clues. Everything in this transformation is doctor-themed, from the challenges to the decorations themselves.

Some of the cute extras in this transformation are the name tags. You can digitally edit these to say your students’ names, print them out, and give them for your kids to wear over the day. With Surgery Day, your students become “Dr. John” and “Dr. Jane.” This excites them to no end.


The ocean visits your classroom during the Under the Sea Reading Classroom Transformation. Students review nonfiction context clues as they read passages about every kind of creature under the sea. I love this transformation for reading because students get so excited over being underwater all day that they are more than happy to complete the challenges.

Do you like to keep everything organized? With the folder inserts included in this transformation, you can keep all your students’ work neat. Stick the “Under the Sea” print-out into the cover of an empty folder and have your student keep all their completed challenges inside. This prevents anyone from losing their work and is a cool item to carry throughout the day. 


During the Christmas season, it can be hard for your students to focus on their schoolwork. This is when the Christmas Santa’s Workshop Reading Classroom Transformation can be used. It incorporates all the fun of Christmas while still getting your kids to embark on a reading review.

In this transformation, students become elves working in Santa’s workshop. Elves need the right outfits to complete their work in time for Christmas! Print out the elf hats included in the transformation and give them to your students to customize before the transformation begins. This fun activity is included in every transformation, but you can’t get any cuter than elf hats.


Hit up the bowling alley during school hours with the Bowling Alley Reading Classroom Transformation. This nonfiction reading review includes 10 bowling-themed reading passages. Students answer questions based on what they read and become closer to hitting a strike. 

Every classroom is different, and you might need a different skill than the one that the room transformation comes with. Because of this, I’ve made all classroom transformations 100% editable. If you ever need to customize anything, you can easily change the passages or questions to match your classroom’s needs.


The Veterinarian Classroom Transformation is an adorable way to mix animals and reading together. Students become veterinarians for the day working in a pet hospital as they complete 10 reading challenges about text structures. This transformation never fails to inspire learning in the classroom and is great for reading review days.

You don’t have to physically be in the classroom to have a great room transformation. Each of these transformations has an included digital version if you ever have a class online and want to bring some extra fun. Students will be just as happy to read passages about pets on the computer as they would in the classroom with you.

It can be difficult to find a reading resource that fits your classroom, and a reading classroom transformation is the answer! Whether you try out the Christmas Room Transformation to get a last-minute reading review during the holidays, or a comprehensive fiction context clues practice with Surgery Day, your students are bound to become more confident in reading subjects. I hope you enjoyed this post and learned more about how reading classroom transformations work!

Are you new to this idea and ready to try a classroom transformation? I’m here to help! Be sure to check out my additional posts with classroom transformation tips and follow me on Instagram where I share even more resources and tips for teachers.

Want to add some fun decorations to your next room transformation? I’ve got you covered right here with my Classroom Transformation Decoration Lists!

The Best Spring Classroom Transformation Ideas

spring classroom transformation ideas

The first signs of spring signal the final stretch towards the end of the school year. This period can be fun for you and your students, but also stressful. To keep spirits high as you continue to teach, a spring classroom transformation can be an amazing combination of fun and learning. There are a number of spring classroom transformations perfect to try out during the end of the year season.

(This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through this link, we get a small commission–at no additional cost to you. Rest assured – we only share links to products that we use and love!)


They say the pot of gold can be found at the end of the rainbow, but the real gold is the St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Transformation. This leprechaun-themed transformation celebrates the infamous Irish holiday while reviewing important academic concepts. Students attend a leprechaun family reunion for the day. They solve 10 academic challenges around the classroom. Meanwhile, your room is adorned in leprechaun decor included in this spring classroom transformation.

Having a fun activity planned for the holiday can really motivate a student to learn. This room transformation is designed so students have so much fun at the leprechaun family reunion that they don’t even realize how much content they’re absorbing. If you’re looking for a math or reading spring review for your classroom, the St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Transformation is sure to meet your needs.


As the weather warms up, outdoor activities become more popular. Why not incorporate them into your classroom? The Camping Classroom Transformation incorporates all the regular fun experienced during camping trips while still ensuring your students strengthen their academic skills. During this transformation, students spend the day “camping out” by traveling around the room to different challenges. There are plenty of decorations from signs to camping hats included in this transformation. This makes it feel like a true camping trip.

The Camping Classroom Transformation is great for introducing students to working by themselves. You can have your kids solve the challenges in groups, teams, or independently to build their self-confidence in classroom skills. During state testing, this kind of practice for your students can be invaluable. Starting this preparation with a fun spring classroom transformation can positively impact your kids even months later.


Who dunnit? The real mystery is why you haven’t tried out the Detective Classroom Transformation yet. This exciting transformation includes both academic challenges and a real mystery for your students to solve over the day. As your kids complete math or reading worksheets, they gain clues that bring them closer to solving the mystery: Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Students can work on their own or in teams during this transformation as they solve the clues. This is great practice for problem-solving and collaboration. By spring, students are more independent learners. Challenge them with a room transformation that enhances those skills! The Detective Classroom Transformation is so much fun to experience with your students. It is sure to not only give everyone a great time. But also, it helps build important academic skills.


During the spring, everyone is joining sports teams and getting active. So why not include the fun in your classroom? The Sports Classroom Transformation changes your room into a sports arena where your students experience a variety of sports. Both athletic and non-athletic students alike enjoy the excitement of this transformation. There are 10 academic challenges included for your kids to solve over the day. All of the challenges are sports-themed.

Sports decorations such as banners and posters are included in this transformation for you to hang around your classroom. There are even cute sports hats for your students to wear all day. Bringing a game everyone knows into your classroom for the day is a perfect way to engage your students in learning while strengthening their real-world math skills. As the spring progresses, this kind of review is indispensable for your students. It is sure to help them down the road, whatever paths they may take.


We all know the famous sayings, “April showers, May flowers,” In fact, there are many sayings about the weather during the spring season. The temperament of the weather can be all over the place during this time. Thus, this makes the Weather Classroom Transformation a great spring review! During this transformation, your students become meteorologists who observe all kinds of weather around your room. From rain to snow and snow to shine, kids will love it. This transformation is full of academic review and also a perfect resemblance to spring.

Over the course of the spring classroom transformation, your kids solve 10 weather-themed challenges. There are also weather forecasts included in this transformation for you to post around your room. These can offer students a real-life temperature example of different sorts of weather. Students always have such a blast pretending to be meteorologists when they’re actually reviewing essential math or reading concepts for the end of the school year. Sometimes, it just takes a little excitement to get your kids to shine in the classroom. The Weather Classroom Transformation can fulfill that need for you and more.

Which classroom transformation will you try out this spring? Will you start with holiday fun with the St. Patrick’s Day Transformation, or bring some action to the classroom with the Sports Transformation? No matter which one you choose, your students are sure to get a great academic review while celebrating the spring season.

Are you new to this idea and ready to try a classroom transformation? I’m here to help! Be sure to check out my additional posts with classroom transformation tips and follow me on Instagram where I share even more resources and tips for teachers.

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The Best Winter Classroom Transformation Ideas

winter classroom transformation ideas

Snow is falling outside, the year is coming to an end, and you’re looking for a way to incorporate winter fun into your students’ learning. That is what the winter classroom transformation ideas are made for! From the beginning of Thanksgiving to the end of Leprechaun’s Day, winter is full of exciting events that can be incorporated academically. Let’s take a look at the top five winter classroom transformation ideas.

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When it gets cold, you look for something warm to drink. The Coffee Shop Classroom Transformation is a great way to kick off the winter season. Your classroom transforms into a coffee shop for the day where students are tasked with solving 10 coffee-themed math or reading challenges. By playing some jazzy music in the background and setting out to-go coffee cups, this transformation easily comes to life for your students.

The real fun comes after your students have finished all their challenges. They get to pick up the coffee cup on their desk and come to you (and you have cooked up a delicious batch of hot chocolate!). Hot chocolate is a perfect reward for completing Coffee Shop Day and is incredibly easy to make in a crockpot. Your kids will have something warm to drink even when the temperate is low outside.


Everyone gets a sweet tooth as the winter season progresses. A winter classroom transformation idea is just what you need when that time comes. Celebrate winter by bringing the Donut Shop Classroom Transformation right into your classroom! Your room transforms into a donut shop for the day with adorable donut signs, banners, and bakery hats. The day ends with a delicious donut treat for everyone. From the moment your kids step through the door, they become donut shop workers tasked with solving 10 academic challenges. They’ll be busy donut shop workers from “open to close”.

After your students finish the challenges, reward them with a real donut! This special treat motivates them to complete their work over the day and keeps them warm even in the cold of winter. This transformation can be a substitute for a Valentine’s Day party or a fun review day during the Christmas season. Whatever you decide to do with the Donut Shop Classroom Transformation, your kids will have a blast experiencing it no matter the weather outside.


When you think of winter, the first thing that may come to mind is the Christmas season. December can be a crazy time in your classroom, but with the Christmas Classroom Transformation, your students will be able to have a great time while strengthening their academic skills. This transformation is super easy to decorate for because you can bring Christmas decorations from home to set the scene for the day. There are also Christmas signs and banners included in this transformation that you can easily hang up.

Students enter your classroom and become elves in Santa’s workshop. In order to get Santa’s sleigh ready for Christmas, your students must solve 10 Christmas-themed challenges around the classroom. These challenges are so much fun, they don’t even seem like classwork. With everything Christmas-themed, this transformation is an excellent winter math or reading review. I’ve done this for my classroom Christmas party in past years, and students love getting to incorporate the holidays into their learning.


Temperatures usually start cooling down around November, and by Thanksgiving, the world is nearly a winter wonderland in some parts of the country. This is why the Thanksgiving Classroom Transformation is a great way to kick of the winter season for your students. In this transformation, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade visits your classroom and your students work towards a balloon prize as they solve academic challenges. This transformation comes with Thanksgiving door signs, banners, and even cute hats for your students to wear over the day.

Over the course of the transformation, students get to move around the classroom and experience Thanksgiving fun. If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids on task before Thanksgiving break, this transformation is a perfect choice. When students have completed all the assigned challenges, they get a real balloon so they feel like they attended the actual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Every winter, this transformation is a hit in my classroom and makes it a fun day for everyone. It’s also great on days where you can’t cover new material but still need something engaging to do right before break.


When the winter season is almost over but it’s not yet spring, you may be looking for the perfect transitional classroom transformation. The St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Transformation can be used anytime throughout February, March, or whenever you need it. This transformation is a classroom favorite because of all the fun it includes. Decorate your classroom in green, hang up the included signs and posters, and watch the transformation come to life.

Your students will be attending a leprechaun family reunion throughout the day. As they solve academic challenges around the room, they meet different leprechauns and celebrate the winter holiday. Students love a change from the normal classroom routine, so no matter how much effort you put into this transformation, everyone will adore it. By the end of the day, your students will feel like they’ve celebrated winter to the fullest and be ready for spring.

From coffee to Christmas, there are plenty of winter classroom transformation ideas for you to use. Whichever one you decide to try out, your students will have a blast while simultaneously building their academic skills. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy the winter season with your classroom. I hope you learned more about classroom transformations and wish you a wonderful winter!

Are you new to this idea and ready to try a classroom transformation? I’m here to help! Be sure to check out my additional posts with classroom transformation tips and follow me on Instagram where I share even more resources and tips for teachers.

Want to add some fun decorations to your next room transformation? I’ve got you covered right here with my Classroom Transformation Decoration Lists!

5 Easy Classroom Transformations to Get Students Moving

5 classroom transformations that get students moving

Kids are full of energy. From the moment your students enter the classroom, they’re bouncing in their seats or running around to visit friends. However, all of that energy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Classroom transformations are perfect for incorporating energy into learning and make it so everyone has a great day–including you! Here are 5 easy classroom transformations to get students moving.

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Get Kids Moving with a BoOT CAMP DAY

Ten-hut! The Boot Camp Classroom Transformation has arrived. This transformation turns your classroom into a boot camp where students work to memorize and recite academic facts. This is one of the best classroom transformations with movement. Over the course of the day, students travel around the classroom from team to team as they memorize different facts (or practice a different skill depending on the grade level). Every ten minutes or so, you can announce to everyone that it’s time to switch partners or come over and recite what they learned. Between all the rotating and moving around, your kids will adore the chance to release some of their energy before recess even starts.

In addition, you can include an obstacle course in this transformation. Layout some spare items like a tire or odd boxes and have your students try to dodge them to reach the other side of the classroom. Even the simplest course will seem like a blast to your students while also sticking to the boot camp theme of the day. Overall, the Boot Camp Transformation is a great way for getting your kids moving around and can keep energy under check as learning occurs.

Get Active with Firefighter Day

Another great classroom transformation to get students moving is the Firefighter Classroom Transformation. From cool costumes to chance cards, this transformation never has a dull moment. The fire station comes to your classroom for the day as your firefighter students work to put out fires around the room. Students are tasked with solving 10 firefighter-themed math or reading challenges. 

After they solve a challenge, they get to draw chance cards that have them complete exciting tasks. They might get to put on a firefighter suit (which can be something as simple as an old coat and some boots) or untangle the fire hose (your garden hose). Other cards might have your students save a cat from a tree or a squirrel from a barrel. Whichever chance card they draw, students will have the chance to move around while also furthering their academic skills. Movement is present from start to finish during this classroom transformation. There are so many classroom transformations that get kids moving and it’s very easy to do!

Bowling Day Will Get Kids Moving without Even REALIZING IT

You’ve hit a strike discovering the Bowling Classroom Transformation! It’s the fourth of five classroom transformations to get students moving The bowling alley comes to visit you and your students during this exciting day of fun. Students solve 10 academic challenges that are all bowling-themed. But the fun doesn’t stop there. After students solve a challenge, they get to bowl in real life with a plastic bowling set. They even keep track of their scores with an included recording sheet. At the end of the day, kids can bring home their cards and show off their bowling skills to their parents.

Throughout the entire transformation, students are moving around while simultaneously strengthening their math or reading skills. Kids will love the chance to play a game while completing classwork, and the bowling classroom transformation is always a classroom favorite for this reason.

Who Knew Painting Could Be So Much Fun?

Everyone gets to share their creative side during the Artist Classroom Transformation. From designing custom hats to painting cute pictures, students always have a blast during this art-themed day. As kids complete 10 artist-themed academic challenges around the classroom, they get to work on their own paintings. Once a student finishes a challenge, they get to add something to their painting.  Having a special project to work on throughout the day excites students to no end.

This classroom transformation is a fantastic choice to get your kids’ energy out in not only a fun but academically-inclined way. Your students will have so much fun over the course of this transformation that they won’t have even realized they were practicing their academic skills the entire time. And by the end of the day, your students will have released all that pent-up energy and strengthened academic skills they were previously struggling with. They might have even become better artists! Classroom transformations to get students moving that ALSO incorporate art are a big hit with any set of students.

The Floor is Lava = Ultimate Engagement

Watch out! The floor has turned to lava! The Floor Is Lava Classroom Transformation is a student-favorite that keeps everyone on their toes the whole day. This transformation includes 10 lava-themed academic challenges to solve, but there’s a catch–students must avoid the “lava” on the floor throughout the day. The lava might only be a red tablecloth, but it does the job of keeping students wary of its burn (and moving too!). Classroom transformations to get students moving are great as end of year review or test prep.

Everyone has played “the floor is lava” at home before, and this classroom transformation is a perfect corresponding academic version of the game. As your students solve challenges, they have to avoid stepping on the lava around your classroom. This fun obstacle course gets everyone moving and motivated to study. If you have an antsy classroom, try this transformation out and watch as your students light up!

That’s a wrap for the classroom transformations to get students moving! I hope you learned more about transformations and that you try out one of these exciting ideas. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to keep your students busy or a substitute for a review day, any of these classroom transformations are perfect for you and your kids.

Are you new to this idea and ready to try a classroom transformation? I’m here to help! Be sure to check out my additional posts with classroom transformation tips and follow me on Instagram where I share even more resources and tips for teachers.

Want to add some fun decorations to your next room transformation? I’ve got you covered right here with my Classroom Transformation Decoration Lists!

The Best Fall Classroom Transformation Ideas

Fall Classroom Transformation Ideas

Ever considered trying a fall classroom transformation? The back-to-school fall season can be stressful between meeting new students and keeping everyone engaged in learning. During these times, a classroom transformation is perfect to try out! Room transformations can be a fun way to build those communication and collaboration skills. Here are the top 5 best fall classroom transformation ideas.

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Fall Classroom Transformation

What better way is there to start the fall season than with the Fall Classroom Transformation? This transformation is great for reviewing concepts learned earlier in the year. Your students become squirrels for the day as they embark on a fall adventure, solving 10 math or reading challenges throughout the classroom. There are plenty of fall posters and signs for you to hang around your room, and it is easy to find other fall decorations for cheap at places like the Dollar Store or Walmart. Just a few fake leaves or a fall banner can make this transformation come to life.

Welcome your students into your newly transformed room using the Fall Day welcoming slide on your TV--you can grab it for free right here! This slide explains what your students will be experiencing throughout the day, creating excitement for the transformation ahead. These are completely customizable to tell your students whatever they need to know, from expectations to explanations.

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Halloween Classroom Transformation

The fall season is also a spooky season! With Halloween in the middle of fall, the Halloween Classroom Transformation is perfect to celebrate the holiday. This transformation is so much fun to complete. Your classroom transforms into a haunted house for the day as your kids complete 10 Halloween-themed math or reading challenges. It is amazingly easy to decorate your room for this fall classroom transformation since you can bring decorations from home right to your classroom and make it feel like a haunted house.

As a prize for completing the room transformation, reward your students with candy at the end of the day! This motivates students to complete all the challenges and fits with the Halloween theme. You can also try out the “trick-or-treat” game included in the room transformation. There are a bunch of cards labeled either “trick” or “treat” which you can mix around in a bowl. If a student draws a “treat” card, they get a piece of candy. However, if they get a “trick” card they have to reach inside one of the mystery bags. These bags labeled spooky things like “mummy toes” and “spider web” are filled with common items with distinct textures. Since kids can’t see what they’re touching, they think it’s gross and love it. Ideas for these bags are included in the transformation for you!

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Camping Classroom Transformation

In the fall, camping is a popular activity for people who love to watch the leaves change and go hiking. With the Camping Classroom Transformation, students camp out without having to leave the classroom. They solve challenges like the “Lantern Challenge” or the “Fishing Challenge,” all the while traveling around your campsite-themed classroom.  This transformation is also easy to decorate for. If you have camping equipment in your garage, bring it to school and let it bring your transformation to life!

A fun extra activity is the Camping Day coloring page, which is provided for you. Instead of morning work, have your students color in a picture of a campsite. This excites them for the day ahead while keeping them busy until the transformation begins. Each room transformation comes with a coloring sheet that fits the theme of the transformation. There’s also a hands-on marshmallow activity that is a sure-fire way to keep students engaged all day long!

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Sports Day Classroom Transformation

With the start of fall, kids are also joining sports teams for the year. The Sports Classroom Transformation allows everyone to become athletes for the day as they complete math challenges. Students who are interested in sports get to experience their passions in the classroom, further engaging them in their learning. There are both mental and physical exercises included in the Sports Classroom Transformation to fully realize this activity for your class.

You don’t have to wait until the morning of the room transformation to tell students about the transformation. The day before you transform your classroom, hand out admission tickets for Sports Day. These tickets, included in the transformation, excite students about learning the next day. Everyone comes in with a positive attitude and are much more perceptive to learning in a different environment.

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Zoo Classroom Transformation

The zoo is a popular field trip for students in the fall, but you can bring the zoo straight to your classroom with the Zoo Classroom Transformation! Students work to find all the missing zoo animals by solving animal task cards around the classroom. This transformation is always adored by kids because of the animal theme. If you’re preparing for a zoo field trip later in the year, this transformation can help set future expectations as your students pretend they’re at the zoo.

Are you unable to complete the Zoo Classroom Transformation in your real classroom? No problem. All classroom transformations have been made digital for your convenience. Students will have just as great of a time completing Zoo Day online as they would in the classroom. Play animal sounds in the background as your students work on the Google Slides challenges, or take a vote of what everyone’s favorite zoo animal is. There are plenty of ways to make this transformation fun online.

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Which classroom transformation will you try out this fall? Will you celebrate October with the Halloween Classroom Transformation, or maybe break out your camping equipment during the Camping Classroom Transformation? Whichever transformation you decide to choose, your students will be engaged the entire time and start the fall season with a bang.

Are you new to this idea and ready to try a classroom transformation? I’m here to help! Be sure to check out my additional posts with classroom transformation tips and follow me on Instagram where I share even more resources and tips for teachers.

Want to add some fun decorations to your next room transformation? I’ve got you covered right here with my Classroom Transformation Decoration Lists!

Exciting Valentine’s Day Classroom Transformation Ideas

Valentine's Day Classroom Transformation

As a teacher, you know parties can be a lot of work. Valentine’s Day parties in particular can be stressful with the amount of candy being exchanged while you’re trying to keep students on task. Since kids are a-little-more-than-excited on Valentine’s Day, why not embrace the fun day with a classroom transformation your students are guaranteed to love? Room transformations are 100% editable, meaning whichever transformation you choose to try out, you can change the skills to the ones you are currently teaching in February. These Valentine’s Day classroom transformation ideas are perfect for any elementary classroom.

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Option #1: Donut Shop Day

One of the best Valentine’s Day classroom transformation alternatives is the Donut Shop Classroom Transformation. This transformation comes with pink and purple posters, which enhances the Valentine’s Day feel. If you have a colorful tablecloth, lay it out to make the day as special as possible.

The Donut Shop Classroom Transformation comes with a series of admission tickets, which sound like what they are. Hand out these tickets the day before your room transformation to invite your students to Donut Day. This gets them super excited for your Valentine’s Day alternative, motivating them to participate in the transformation the next day.

Obviously, kids are looking forward to getting sweets on Valentine’s Day. With the Donut Shop transformation, you can hand out real donuts at the end! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, many places sell heart-shaped donuts, which you can use in the transformation. 

How to Implement

Classroom transformations are a great way to get kids moving. If they are buzzing with hyper energy about Valentine’s Day, getting to move around the classroom puts that energy into their classwork all the while allowing them a fun time. Instead of solely focusing on Valentine’s Day, kids get to collaborate with each other and chat about their math and reading skills. They’ll be so excited about the change of classroom scenery, they won’t realize they’re actually practicing academic concepts.

Valentine’s Day can feel long between all the classroom candy and chaos. A room transformation helps the day go by quickly. Your students are engaged the entire time and not disrupting each other, making for a smooth day. To make things easier for you, it can be a good idea to invite a parent volunteer. They can help keep students on task as well as check their work. 

extra ideas

Since it’s Donut Shop Day, let your kids make donut shop hats to match the theme! Kids love getting to dress up and do something fun on a holiday. There are multiple versions of donut shop hats included in the transformation, which your students can color and wear on Valentine’s Day. Or, pro tip, Krispy Kreme gives out pre-made hats for free. Just ask!

Do you have students who finish activities early? No problem, just whip out the fast-finisher activity! There are QR code posters to hang around your classroom which can be scanned by devices. These lead to fun facts about donuts. Or you can hang up the -pre-written fun facts around your room for students to copy down on a recording sheet. The final option for this activity is the Google Slides version. Students go to an interactive scavenger hunt where they click on different donuts and learn fun facts. This extra activity is great for keeping everyone engaged and motivating students to finish early.

Final Idea! When students first come into your classroom on Valentine’s Day, they’re going to be excited about the day ahead. Let them do the Donut Day coloring page when they first come into the room, which allows them to get out some of that Valentine’s Day excitement–or they can do it in place of a reward at the end.

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Option #2: Candy Shop Day

Another substitute Valentine’s Day classroom transformation is Candy Shop Day. Since kids are already exchanging candy, this transformation is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Just like the Donut Shop Classroom Transformation, there are colorful and festive posters included in the Candy Shop Transformation to make it feel like Valentine’s Day. These posters are all candy-themed and can be hung on your door, your walls, or your whiteboard.

The day before this transformation, hand out admission tickets for Candy Day. These fun extras excite your students for the day ahead. They are also a great talking point with parents when students get home. Usually, students have always experienced a Valentine’s Day party, which makes a room transformation even more special for them.

Additional Ideas

Your kids are going to bring in candy for each other, so include it in the Candy Shop Classroom Transformation! Maybe after a student completes a challenge paper, they get to eat one piece of candy. Not only does this save you money buying candy, but it also offers an extra incentive for your kids to finish their work. It also prevents your kids from eating all their candy at once and getting a sugar high.

As students come in the room in the morning, give them the Candy Day coloring page to complete in place of morning work. This fun activity gets them excited about the day ahead, all the while keeping them engaged in their work. If you have another activity in mind for morning work, the coloring pages can also be done at the end of the transformation as a reward for completion.

In addition, let your kids make the Candy Shop Day hats to wear throughout the day. These hats can be colored in however your students like. Maybe because it’s Valentine’s Day, they’ll decorate them with hearts. The hats are included for you to print out. In addition, there are name tags, folder inserts, and more!

Incorporates Movement

Kids are going to be hyper on Valentine’s Day, whether it be from all the candy they eat or just the excitement of a holiday. Room transformations are great for getting that energy out. Instead of being confined to their seats, kids move around the room throughout the transformation and are able to socialize with other students. The transformation also allows students to talk about content-based skills instead of random Valentine’s Day chatter.

For your early finishers, try out the Candy Shop Day fast-finisher activity. Kids can use their devices to scan the QR codes on posters and learn fun facts about candy. Or if it’s easier for you to just print out the facts, the written version is also included! If you want to have your students practice their reading and writing skills as well, instruct your fast-finishers to write down the facts they learn on a piece of paper. This activity is super fun on Valentine’s Day and keeps all your students engaged.

Classroom transformations always make the day go by faster. They make the day incredibly fun! And on Valentine’s Day, this can especially be appreciated as a teacher! Feel free to contact parent volunteers and see if they want to help out during the transformation. Whether they’re just monitoring the room or checking students’ work, volunteers can make the transformation go smoother and keep students on task throughout Valentine’s Day.

Read more about this room transformation in detail here.
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Which Valentine’s Day Classroom Transformation will you try?

Donut Shop Day or Candy Shop Day? Whichever you choose, your students are bound to have a blast while also strengthening their math and reading skills. I hope you learned more about room transformations through this post and that your newly transformed Valentine’s Day party is a hit!

Are you new to this idea and ready to try a classroom transformation? I’m here to help! Be sure to check out my additional posts with classroom transformation tips and follow me on Instagram where I share even more resources and tips for teachers.

Want to add some fun decorations to your next room transformation? I’ve got you covered right here with my Classroom Transformation Decoration Lists!