5 Benefits of Classroom Transformations You Didn’t Know

benefits of classroom transformations

It’s in the name–with classroom transformations, your room transforms into a different place, whether it be the zoo, a donut shop, or even outer space. But with so much fun, can students actually learn at the same time? The answer is YES, along with many other benefits! Between motivation, communication skills, and more, classroom transformations are perfect for learning enrichment. Let’s take a look at the top five benefits of classroom transformations.

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Engaging to Students

There are many classroom transformation benefits and student engagement is a HUGE ONE! Every student has a passion or a hobby. Student passions get incorporated into math and reading lessons during a classroom transformation! With over 40 different classroom transformation themes, your students’ interests are bound to overlap with one of the themes to make them even more engaged in the lesson. Maybe you have a student who loves art. But, there aren’t many opportunities for that during centers. However, with the Art Classroom Transformation, your students get to draw and paint all the while building their academic skills. The benefits of classroom transformations are endless with so many different themes to choose from!

For all students, walking into the classroom and seeing it transformed is incredibly exciting. That excitement carries over to learning throughout the rest of the day. Thus, keeping them invested in the transformation while they practice their math and reading skills. Another way to get your students enthusiastic about the transformation is to hand them an admission ticket the day before the transformation. This ticket, included in the transformation, grants them access to the transformed classroom. Students come to school the next day much more ready to learn.

Bring your theme alive to the fullest! You can include tons of additional content throughout the day of your classroom transformation. For example, with the Pilot Classroom Transformation, show a video of a plane taking off to set the scene. Or during social studies, have your students learn about the theme of the day. If you’re completing the Firefighter Classroom Transformation, teach your kids about the history of firefighters or even invite a firefighter to speak to your class.

Motivation to Learn

Another benefit of classroom transformations is that students become much more motivated to learn. The room is different. Their learning environment is enhanced and allows them to see content-based learning in a new way. Transforming a classroom can make a huge difference with students who are hesitant to learn. If you incorporate a fun concept into your lesson, like donuts, it makes academic challenges a lot more manageable.

In addition, room transformations can be useful for students who usually show signs of work refusal. A student who typically refuses to complete a worksheet may be more inclined to participate. When the room looks like a literal zoo, it’s hard to refuse to have fun!

Preparing for a test? Forget boring multiple-choice worksheets–try out a room transformation! They are great for test prep and review days. Kids are much more likely to remember how they solved a problem about candy than circling the letter A on paper. It can also lessen the stress of testing and remind your students that making mistakes is alright as long as they learn something. The benefits of classroom transformations are limitless.

You can further motivate your students to learn by offering a small prize at the end of the transformation. Even an eraser, a certificate, or a homework pass can make a world of difference in your students’ attitudes towards learning. It helps to make the prize relate to the theme. For example, I give my kids donuts at the end of the Donut Classroom Transformation. Another idea is stuffed monkey at the end of Safari Day or a zoo eraser at end of Zoo Day. One of my personal favorite is an ice cream cup at end of Ice Cream Shop Day.

Build Communication and Collaboration Skills

Teamwork is important in every aspect of life. Teach your kids that through room transformations! Communication and collaboration are additional benefits of classroom transformations. During the transformations, students get to work together as they solve academic challenges. Whether they are trying to solve an equation together or finish all the challenges, they learn essential communication skills throughout the day.

There are many different ways to complete classroom transformations. You can have your students complete challenges individually, in partners, or in groups. With partners, you can decide whether students choose their own partners or randomly assign kids together. With groups, your kids get to socialize with others they may not already be close to. This can form some meaningful friendships, or teach students how to get along with different people as they solve problems.

Make sure to communicate with your students throughout the day. In the morning, set your expectations for your classroom so everyone stays on task. Directly telling your students how you want them to work is a simple but effective way to manage your classroom. It also heightens your students’ listening skills for other days.

Students Make Real-World Connections

Looking to make real-world connections to math or reading skills? One of the benefits of classroom transformations is the connections students make to the world around them. Students are able to see how these skills will be valuable to them in the future. Each theme relates academic skills to the real world. Whether planets or baseballs are being used in the equation, your students are able to better understand how academics work in real life. They even show students how they may use skills in different careers when they are older.

Every activity that students complete relates to the real world. For example, the challenges in the Donut Classroom Transformation are all about graphing types of donuts. In Pilot Day, students get to fly around the world to different countries, all the while practicing elapsed time. And on Realtor Day, your students find the area and perimeter of the rooms inside houses. All of these real-world examples are customized to fit the theme of the transformation, making learning both fun and easier for your students.

Enhance your room transformation by bringing in a person who works the job of your theme! For Pet Shop Day, bring in a veterinarian. Or for Scientist Day, invite a scientist to speak to your class. In addition, you can watch videos about the theme of your day. You may not be able to find an astronaut to come to your class for Space Day, but you can watch a video of astronauts inside the space station. Whatever real-world connection you give your students helps to make the math or reading concept stick to them.

Hands-On Learning

Next, let’s talk about a benefit of classroom transformations that is very important: hands-on learning. The best way to learn is by doing. That is exactly is what classroom transformations are made for. Students are not confined to their seats during a room transformation. They are able to travel around the classroom as they solve challenges, exercising their body as well as their mind.

Classroom transformations come with a variety of hands-on activities. For example, the Donut Classroom Transformation comes with two hands-on challenges. In the first one, your students pick up different donuts, count their sprinkles, and graph their data in a chart. During the second one, kids count how many donuts there are in each donut box and graph the data again.

Meanwhile, on Circus Day, students use popcorn to solve math problems. My third-grade students used popcorn to make equal groups while solving multiplication problems, but you can use a myriad of things to give your students a hands-on math example. In any transformation, you can use erasers or manipulatives for each activity. This offers a visual example for students who struggle with mental math.

Hands-on activities aren’t strictly limited to the challenges. Let your students complete fun activities as a reward for finishing challenges. On Artist Day, students get to paint a picture after they finish each challenge. This motivates kids to keep working through the transformation. On Bowling Day, students actually get to bowl after each activity is completed. There is even a bowling recording sheet included for students to record their scores.

From making real-world connections to engaging students in learning, you can’t go wrong with a classroom transformation. A bit of fun can make a world of difference in the attitude of your classroom towards learning. I hope you learned more about the benefits of classroom transformations and try one out in your classroom soon!

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