4 Fun Summer Classroom Transformations for End of Year

summer classroom transformation ideas

Have you ever considered doing a summer classroom transformation? With summer on the way, it could be fun for you and your students to celebrate with a summer-themed day or even week while counting down to the end of the school year. These classroom transformations are just a few ideas of what you can use in your classroom. Not only will your kids have fun, but they will learn at the same time! Summer classroom transformations are an exciting, unique way to engage your kids and prepare them for the end of the school year, and today, we will talk about 4 of my favorites.

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Ice Cream Classroom Transformation

welcome to the ice cream shop on display on a TV

Is there a better way to practice math skills with your students than with ice cream? In this ice cream classroom transformation, students become ice cream vendors in their very own classroom. It’s the perfect summer classroom transformation! All you have to do to set up is print posters, challenges, and a recording sheet for each student. You can hang the ice cream themed posters in your classroom or even on your door! Throughout the day, students move from one ice cream challenge to the next while practicing their academic skills. As a reward at the end, you can give students actual ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cups, or even throw an ice cream sundae party! If you’re looking for a nonfood reward, an ice cream-smelling eraser is a fun alternative. Read all about Ice Cream Day right here.

ice cream erasers

For early finishers or just as an independent activity for your students, there is a coloring page included with this transformation that kids can fill out at the end of the day. They can even enjoy their ice cream treats as they color! It is the best way to start the summer within the classroom.

ice cream coloring page

Camping Classroom Transformation

camping classroom transformation set up as an example of a summer classroom transformation

The camping activity is the perfect summer classroom transformation for you and your students to prepare for the end of the school year! This transformation can be done in one day or over the course of the week. Camping posters are already included with this transformation, but you can be creative and find items around your house to use. Some examples are tents, chairs, and lanterns. You can also check out Amazon or Target to find cute decorations like little fake fires that bring Camping Day to life! Every time a student finishes a challenge around the room, they will bring their recording sheet to you and you will check them off. Each challenge revolves around camping activities, and students can either work alone, in pairs, or in groups. It’s easily customizable for any classroom! Learn more about Camping Day here.

camping stuff set up in the classroom

Every student works at their own pace, which is why I have included several enrichment activities for fast finishers to complete when they finish the challenges. Each option includes the student learning fun facts about camping! The first option is to have your kid scan QR codes around the room and write down the fun fact about camping onto a sheet of paper. The next option is to print out posters with fun facts on them and have students copy the facts down. In the last option, students can use Google Slides. They click on camping items which lead them to each fun fact.

camping enrichment activities on ipad, paper, and QR Code

Hawaiian Classroom Transformation

hawaii classroom transformation all set up in a room

In Hawaii classroom activity, you can bring the perfect vacation right to your classroom! Not only is it perfect as a summer classroom transformation, but it has your students complete academic challenges in a fun, relaxing way. The best part about this transformation is that you can decorate as much as you want to. You can simply put the Hawaiian posters that are included on your walls and door, or you can choose to buy items from Amazon, Dollar Tree, and Target to display around the room. It’s easy to let each student bring in a beach towel and give them a lei to get them in the spirit for summer. Either way, the kids have a blast in this vacation-themed transformation! Get all of the details on Hawaiian Beach Day in this blog post.

aloha poster on board with summer classroom transformation decorations

Since students are completing many challenges around the room, it can be easy to let papers pile up on the classroom floor. To keep organized, a simple tip is to give each student a folder to keep their work inside. This prevents you from having to clean up later, and it helps kids keep all their work in one place. You can use the Hawaiian-themed folder covers included in this classroom transformation set! It encourages students to stay organized while having a fun tool to put their work inside.

vacationer folder that says hawaii documents

Party Classroom Transformation

party classroom transformation in action with kid wearing party hat and blowing on party favor

If you want to throw a party to celebrate the end of the year with your students, party classroom transformation is the perfect pick for you! Kids are told that they are party planners and they complete a series of party-themed challenges throughout the day. Setting up is easy! Print the challenges, recording sheet, posters, and decorate your room however you like. You can also easily buy party supplies from Dollar Tree and decorate your classroom for under $10. After finishing all the challenges, I like to give my students a small reward like a homework pass, Class Dojo points, or something else party-themed. Party favors or cupcakes are my go-to sweet treats to celebrate this transformation! Find step-by-step instructions on how to do Party Day in your classroom here.

party classroom transformation decorated classroom with kids with party hats and cupcakes on table

My students tend to arrive at different times in the morning, so I like to give them something to do as they wait for others to come. Making party hats is an exciting craft for them to work on as everyone arrives, and they can even wear them throughout the day of the room transformation. It can also be used as an ending activity as a reward for completing Party Day!

party hat kids can make

I hope you liked reading about these 4 summer classroom transformations! Which ones are you thinking about trying in your classroom this year? Leave a comment to let me know which one was your favorite. Reach out and email me with any questions you might have, and have a great summer!

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